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first_imgThe St. Joseph County Special Victims Unit is investigating an alleged rape of a student in a Saint Mary’s residence hall late Saturday, Nov. 3 into early Sunday, Nov. 4, according to Gwen O’Brien, the College’s director of media relations. “The College took immediate actions upon learning of the alleged incident and is cooperating with the investigation,” O’Brien said. “Saint Mary’s College has no comment at this time due to that ongoing police investigation.” Vice President for Student Affairs Karen Johnson said the student body did not receive an email about the incident because she was confident the alleged assailant was no longer on campus and there was no danger to the campus community. “That decision is made by me in consultation with our Director of Security and the Assistant Vice President for student Affairs,” Johnson said. “There are three levels of notification we use when an incident happens: immediate and ongoing threat to the campus community – in that case, we use our early alert system, ongoing but not immediate threat to the campus community – in that case, we send out a safety notice; and no immediate or ongoing threat to the campus community – in that case, we do a report on the safety website.” Johnson said notifications to the student body are determined on a case-by case basis and are based on level of immediacy and level of threat. “We want our students to have enough information to be safe,” Johnson said. “If we feel there is an ongoing concern or threat, we notify.”,Notre Dame Security Police (NDSP) is investigating a report of sexual assault committed by an acquaintance in a South Quad men’s residence hall late last Friday, an email sent to students said. The email stated the report was made to a University administrator and warned students of the risk of sexual assault. “Anyone initiating any kind of sexual contact with another person must seek consent and not engage in sexual contact unless consent is given,” the email stated. “As the University’s sexual assault policy makes clear: ‘Sexual misconduct of any kind is inconsistent with the University’s values and incompatible with the safe, healthy environment that the Notre Dame community expects. … The perpetrator, not the survivor, is responsible for any instance of sexual assault.” Information about sexual assault prevention and resources for survivors of sexual assault is available online from both NDSP and the Committee for Sexual Assault Prevention.last_img read more

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Share Tweet Share EducationLocalNewsTertiary CXC is just a measurement; it doesn’t tell people if you are bright says Dr. Peters by: – October 4, 2011center_img Students who excelled at the City & Guilds Level 2 IVQ Diploma in Electrical Installation and Level 2 in IVQ Technician Certificate in Motor Vehicle Systems.President of the Dominica State College Dr Donald Peters has told students who excelled at the City & Guilds International Examination that the Caribbean Examination Council (CXC) is just a measurement which does not tell people whether a student is intelligent or not.The Dominica State College held a press conference this morning at it Training Room at the Bath Estate Campus to reveal the City & Guilds Examination results for June 2011, where it was announced that eight students obtained distinctions in the Level 2 IVQ Diploma in Electrical Installation and one merit and seven students passed the Level 2 IVQ Technician Certificate in Motor Vehicle Systems with distinctions, credits and passes.Dr Peters explained to the students that they need to decide what they love doing and pursue that field.“CXC is just a measurement; it doesn’t tell people if you are bright, it doesn’t make you smarter than anybody else. You as students need to determine what it is that I can do, what makes me happy?”Dr Peters further explained that while he is proud of the student’s achievements, he is particularly proud that the Dominica State College offers programs which meet international standards and accreditation.President of the Dominica State College Dr. Donald Peters.“I am pleased for two reasons; while your performance at City & Guilds proves to the rest of the world that we at the Dominica State College can perform at the international level, when I came here I always wanted to ensure people that the degrees and certificates that we give you are portable that is it can be accepted anywhere in the world. In the academic programs what we do is we work with other universities we send them our curriculum; they accept them so that means when you transfer to other universities they accept it,” he said.According to Dr. Peters, it must be understood and appreciated that universities ‘will only accept our programs because we meet the international standards for every program at the Dominica State College’ and that the manifestation of their performance in City & Guilds clearly indicates that at the technical and vocational level the Dominica State College is just as good as any other school in the world. Dr Peters further admonished against the notion that a student who excels at CXC must enroll into a law or medicine program as careers in the technical and vocational fields are paid higher than others.“It appears in the Caribbean that we believe that if a student got six ones in CXC they should only be doing law and medicine. Why can’t they do auto mechanic? Why can’t they be a police officer? Why can’t they be an electrical officer? Society need to rethink of the things that they do. I come from a country where people have to take 21, 000 on their SAT’s sitting next to me in class next thing I know they are working and making three times the money I’ll ever make because they did something in the tech-voc area. A physical therapist for instance in the United States makes a lot more money than a pediatrician, think about that and they only go to school for two years,” he said.Dean, Faculty of Applied Arts & Technology Mr Rawle LeslieDean of the Faculty of Applied Arts and Technology Mr Rawle Leslie also supported Dr Peters in promoting the technical and vocational department of the Dominica State College.“I would like to send a message to many in this nation with the respect to technical education and we have a notion that if you do not succeed in the other fields you can come to technical education, I need to say that this is not correct. I join Dr Peters in saying that students with ones, of course you need this basic background education to do well at the technical education.” Meantime the Local Examinations Secretary of City & Guilds International Mr Merril J Matthew told the students that their results should be an impetus to continue on their path of success while noting that potential of the vocational program of the Dominica State College.“Let this success be a lesson to you that as you put hard work and as you remained focused and as you set your goals high you will succeed. This sends a very clear message to all and sundry that the quality of our vocational program at Dominica State College is comparable to that of any other learning institution in the world.”Ollison Vidal obtained a distinction in the Electrical Installation course.Ollison Vidal a student who obtained a distinction in the Electrical Installation course sought to dispel the thought that electrical engineering is not a relevant course.“I would like to say that those students who think that electrical engineering is not relevant, I would like to say to you that are relatively wrong on that because once a student has his mind set straight on his work, once a student knows what he wants in life anything is possible and with God anything can be accomplished,” he said.Five other students; Lynn Asa Williams, Jeanette Ettinoffe, Elton Thomas, Elroy Andrew and Cameron Stoute, who offered reflections at this morning’s press conference extended special thank you messages to God, their lecturers, parents and friends who assisted them along the way and also highlighted the importance of their respective courses.[nggallery id=74]The results for the Level 2 IVQ Diploma in Electrical Installation the results are;Gilbert George – DistinctionVince Morgan – DistinctionOllison Vidal – DistinctionRidge Blaize – DistinctionDirk Frederick – DistinctionAustus Juliana – DistinctionKian Roberts – DistinctionLynn Asa Williams – DistinctionJeanette Ettinoffe – MeritThe results for the Level 2 IVQ Technician Certificate in Motor Vehicle Systems;Student Engine Systems Chassis SystemsSamuel Augustus Moise credit creditElton Thomas distinction creditElroy Andrew pass creditCameron Stoute credit creditKenrick Clement Etienne pass passDwight O’brien credit passKyle Toussaint credit creditDominica Vibes News Share 185 Views   no discussionslast_img read more

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