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text / Jinshan network CEO Fu Sheng

in an article on the "light experience is not enough, the user needs to" pre experience ", I talked about the experience economy and pricing according to the logic, as well as some of the business case, both of them show a trend that users are willing to pay for the experience. Similarly, in this context, the way the Internet products in order to impress and retain users

I put forward a concept called "pre experience". Is to push forward the product experience. The idea is to do a good job in the past, the user to use, and now more like a user to ask you to experience, you want to make this kind of experience constantly forward. So, the original function of the product is very much, easy to make people dizzy, and now, we found that through the pre experience to let users know that this experience is more important than anything else.

so, what are the main points of the pre experience?

is not what you do, but what the user feels

a lot of times, our logic is stuck in the "what to do", rather than "what the user feels". For example, an advertising, would love to say how much concentrated cattle X engineer, lasted many years of research and development and so on, just like singing Rooster a white world. While others may be two or three people to do a small game, the results turned over all the big business. As recently as in a game of foreign special fire, is Sweden’s ten small team, has more than 500 million users, is actually an elimination game.

in essence it’s nothing special, that is, three kinds of the same color double-click on it, but it shows the comparison between friends, and friends to share and help to do it, to seize the user’s social relationships. Moreover, the game every sound, animation are done very delicate, it is this experience allows users to have a good feeling, soon became popular.

so do things that make the user aware. Users get a lot of time to look at the product, this does not understand, that will not be used, and even many times they do not even know the function of the product is deleted. For example, we do Duba free WIFI with a laptop, connect the network cable, other electronic devices can free Internet access. It looks like a small point, but it’s quite necessary for the user. Later, Duba team told me that this is the first half of this year, they do have the most user perception of a product.

and other changes, such as cheetah browser home page, in the upper left corner of the home adds a weather forecast. At that time, when I asked the product team to add this feature, they always say no, there are many other important things to do. It was a small amount of work, but at the very end of their work. Why? Because they think they are doing now is the main event.

, however, the user will not be able to use your three-dimensional, timely rendering or how good the algorithm, if the function is not zero point, although this function may

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