Ding Xiangyuan Tencent $70 million investment.COM domain name when righting

renamed China (eName.cn) September 2nd news, today, domestic biological industry professional website Lilac Garden was announced a $70 million strategic investment in Tencent, and was founded in July 2000, the official domain name dxy.cn.


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: belonging to Guanlan networks (Hangzhou) Co. Ltd., is a large pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries domestic scale professional website, with more than 4 million users, including personnel’s website (jobmd.cn), clove (biomart.cn Ding Xiangtong). It is reported that the Tencent strategic investment scale of $70 million, after the completion of the two sides will launch a series of cooperation.

Ding Xiangyuan platform’s official website are enabled CN suffix domain name, however, out of the awareness of the protection of the domain name of the brand, after the acquisition of.COM domain name, and set the jump to the. 2011 acquisition of domain name domain name BioMart.com, jump to lilac pass domain name BioMart.cn, in 2012, the acquisition of domain name jobmd.com jump to lilac talent network domain name jobmd.cn.

has acquired the original CN domain name corresponding to the.COM domain, Lilac Garden also had a lot of effort, but for the day after the website construction and the brand protection will be more convenient. For the acquisition of domain name, clove nets CTO Feng Dahui has said, if it is a commercial site,.Com domain name is almost a must. Even if it is not enabled, it should be in your hands. Otherwise, you will always feel very upset. It will take a lot of effort to re launch the new domain name."

however, despite several corresponding website.COM domain name in DXY hands, according to the whois information, dxy.com domain name holder DXY, enabled doctors build clove website, the official website of the domain name DXY still retain CN domain name dxy.cn. After the strategic investment Tencent, I do not know whether or not to consider the Lilac Garden revision, the official website of the domain name instead of.COM suffix domain name.

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