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A5 (www.admin5.com) station network news November 12th, LETV, founder of CEO Jia Yueting stranded abroad long did not return, time triggered speculation. Recently, more news that Jia Yueting was arrested in Thailand and extradited to the home, but as soon as the music as soon as the response, said the spread of the relevant foreign websites of the news of the rumor is pure".

August 12, 2010, Jia Yueting founded LETV listed on the A shares, becoming the first Chinese video industry listed companies, when LETV revenue 238 million yuan, net profit of $70 million 90 thousand. A triple play the first unit of the aura and the industry subversive innovation image, LETV market value is very high, the beginning of 2014 to 41 billion yuan, the company became the highest gem market value, Jia Yueting became the gem’s richest man. In the most optimistic about the market, the national securities, gold and other companies predict the future market value will be more than one hundred billion.

so this has created a "gem richest myth" in the subsequent period of time, often encounter the external challenge, Jia Yueting now only heard and not seen, outside of the music as the future is a bit of jealousy.

Jia Yueting in June this year after going abroad has not returned, LETV said, Jia Yueting is to supervise the American and European war and its overseas strategic landing. Jia Yueting in the United States during the music has been set up two subsidiaries, one in Losangeles, one is Silicon Valley, the former main overseas copyright procurement and self-control, which mainly serves the technology and product development. In addition to the whereabouts of Jia Yueting, the focus of the market is still depending on the music as the 4 billion 500 million financing plan can be successfully promoted. LETV as of October 27th from the suspension, there are market participants said LETV suspension may be mainly related to refinancing and other assets will be changed.

3 months after the 4 suspension, founder of long-term exposure to overseas return yet, it had to worry about the future of music. October 27th, after a week after three consecutive days of decline in share prices, LETV suspension again, the announcement said it was planning major events. This is the music network since July fourth suspension. Is the first time for rectification order July 15th SARFT issued: focus on rectifying commercial site license to co-operate with the creation of the video zone, Internet TV content are all required by the party responsible for the license, without the approval of the end product to the market is not allowed. The second was in July 28th, as the music again because of major events and suspension. The third time was in August 21st. Some media reports, SARFT criticized the music as UI violation of the law, LETV emergency suspension.

for investors and partners, media, state of mind for months has experienced a roller coaster ups and downs, before the truth finally emerges, it will be difficult to eliminate worry LETV development prospects. A long-term tracking of the music as the investment manager of the securities company, said the value of the music as the ecological model does not deny that the music is now waiting to see >

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