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webmaster network Admin5 news: July 6th afternoon, there is a large area of the webmaster broke Baidu access failure, some areas can not be normal search. Awesome game website to edit Baidu broke the instability at home, unable to open, or refresh can be opened but the search page display error. Then the author in the major webmaster QQ group also found that the major regions of the country are the owners of Baidu failed to respond to normal access. I then open the Baidu home page to enter any keyword search, display the keywords can not find any results. Currently refreshed after the display is normal, but there are still other areas of the response to Baidu failure has not been restored.

Baidu search page error

micro-blog Baidu users reflect problems

post bar Baidu post users reflect Baidu fault

Baidu post bar can not access

according to statistics, Baidu’s fault is limited to some areas. There are a lot of webmaster said Baidu visit all normal. The author in the area after a brief failure has now been restored. There are large areas of the site to the head of the phone, Baidu also appeared in the same situation. There is no official Baidu statement, does not rule out a hacker attack.

as of press time, part of the region to restore access but open Baidu home page slower. There are still some areas of access is not normal. I visit Baidu post bar, open the post also shows that the system error.

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