After the site was Baidu, Google K after

      never thought, the legendary search engine punishment will fall on my head.

      from the beginning of this year, my website with my fortune as worse job transfers frequently lead to has no energy to keep updating the website, more serious is I go to the first trough of life: to dissolve the why is the first, because the future is unknown. I can only say, is the first one, no more…

      I’m not to cry, because this time the mood has shrunk, at least from the bottom, I had to climb up.

      but the site, I have always insisted on something, the flow of a day lower than a day.

      self summary:

      not well planned, set too many columns, but can not keep updated.

      website is not attractive, the content is too copy.

      domain name did not choose, non TM choose a ***, now think of it, really sick.

      did not start learning from HTML.

      did not understand the mentality…… it was at this point that I was punished.

      this year, I to less than the poor running water forum, today, just to prove that master said: all know Global Forum irrigation is not good webmaster.

      I did not mean, please don’t mind the webmaster.

      the day before yesterday, I have made a new page, adjusted the page, because I will only be so point fur.

      want to ask friends, look forward to guide one or two, but last year released three months. Due to the ongoing events especially in front of the horse.

      or off the idea, let me a person to continue in the world. No webmaster to explore… (commissioning editor admin01)


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