Google push unified search integration Gmail and other products


search content contains contacts, messages, scheduling, etc.


search results contain the contents of Gmail and Google


technology news Beijing time on October 16th morning news, Google is gradually integrating a variety of its products, to help users use these services in a unified position.

from Monday, Gmail users will be able to search email, contacts, Google Drive documents, and Google calendar schedules from the search bar of the web email. If you want to use this feature, the user needs to select the "field test" option.

this new feature is based on the field test conducted by Google, Gmail and Google search results will be integrated together. Google launched the test in August of this year, the current Google Drive documents, spreadsheets and documents are included in the. Previously selected to participate in the field test users need to choose again.

in August of this year, Google said, Gmail mail catalog is growing, but the requirements for privacy protection is also getting higher and higher, more and more complex. These tests are limited to the English version of Google, and only for personal Gmail account.

some start-up companies, such as CloudMagic, are also targeting a unified personal search market. However, Google will integrate a variety of personal and public services will cause some users dissatisfied. That’s why Google is still testing the service.

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