DedeCMS official forum first my Adsense career original essay contest

activity time: July 24, 2008 –


activity: Essay Competition

activity planning: the lonely life of soft nic

sponsored Forum: webmaster exchange zone

co organizer: tips and tutorials PHP/MySQL technical discussion area

reward host sponsor: network

participants: the Dedecms forum members and various moderator

forum submission: webmaster exchange — "my Adsense career" original essay contest area

awards and prizes:

this event will be selected

(1) first prize of the award, the prestige of the, 2000M PHP/MySQL DedeCMS dedicated host for 2 years

(2), such as the award of the top 3, award prestige of, 2000M PHP/MySQL DedeCMS dedicated host for 1 years

(3), such as the award of the top 5, award prestige of, 1000M PHP/MySQL DedeCMS dedicated host for 1 years

(4) to participate in the award of the prize, the prestige of the, 500M PHP/MySQL DedeCMS dedicated host for 1 years

article selected by the activities of the jury score, the final results of the final audit.


[the essay topic

article theme: website planning, website promotion related, you and Dedecms story, your story

words: more than 600 words (poetry is not limited)

Description: This article has been carefully reviewed by the jury, only to accept the original article


players will own the essay according to the following format to the Dedecms official forum webmaster exchange area:

Title: [title essay contest]+

: [i] essay contest and Dedecms together

content format:

content in accordance with the ordinary article format, here are examples of

"in 2006 I began to contact with Dedecms, now has gone through 2 years, during this time, I and Dedecms are progressives, today I will share with you and I Dedecms some of the story.

I am a college student, but also a very common webmaster…

total score and score:

total score 1>

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