Zhejiang new seven reproduction nternet Arena

      since 2005 second round of entrepreneurship, investment, Internet, information services and other fields began to play a number of similar Tsui Hark’s latest work "Seven Swords" in the arena situation, practitioners can not help but "the world situation out of my generation, a reminder to the corners of the years" feeling.

      after the 2005 "West Lake mountain", the media will be Clinton, Yang Zhiyuan, Zhang Zhaoyang, Wang Yan, Ma Huateng, Ding Lei, Ma Yun and other seven chiefs as "Internet Seven Swords", previously in Baidu after the listing has some analysts will Baidu, Alibaba, NetEase, Tencent, Sina, Shanda, blog China etc. seven well-known Internet companies into the "seven swords". At that time China blog is still at its peak stage, a scenery, and soon get Softbank millions of dollars level of investment, but the city first king of the flag, one or two years, the situation has changed the pattern of.

      circle also occurred in one of the interesting things, Remember earlier, there will be the Department of Tsinghua Internet gangster row seating, found out from Tsinghua School within the circle of the whole Internet celebrity occupy half of the country, such as Zhang Zhaoyang, Zhou Yunfan, Wang Leilei, Mo Tianquan, Duan Yongji, Yang Lei, Luo Chuan, Liu Feng, Qian Zhonghua, Li Ying, Wang Lang, in Bobby Chan, Wan Pingguo, Zhang Yongqing, calibration, Tong Zhilei occupies a major portal or industry portal, local portal boss position, if you count half born (master and doctoral degree in Tsinghua, then read) and Fang Xingdong and other players.

      but the circle of celebrity resume comprehensive comparison together, and found a very interesting phenomenon of the origin of Zhejiang, a group of entrepreneurs at present basically occupy the forefront of the Internet has created the bridgehead, scenery performance, and most in the wave, and these people can also be composed of "Seven Swords" battle. This camp covers the royal president Chen Tianqiao (Zhejiang Xinchang), NetEase boss Ding Lei (Zhejiang Ningbo), founder of Alibaba Ma Yun (Zhejiang Hangzhou), Bao Yueqiao (Zhejiang Yuyao) founder Lianzhong, bokee.com chairman Fang Xingdong (Zhejiang Yiwu), Focus Media chairman Jason Jiang (Zhejiang Ningbo), and the beginning of sky hot industry Hi2000 chairman Sun Deliang (Zhejiang Xiaoshan).

      but this isn’t good, because in this type of attack seven sword in hand and not only one, but the main defensive or introverted type sword hand is not a person. The author tries to the various Internet heavyweights are briefly analyzed, and then make a copy of the Internet · Zhejiang seven seating ranking:

      mowen sword: Jason

      the characteristics of the sword: Symbol "intelligence". Long and flexible moves, unpredictable changes. >

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