Please pay attention to your website service attitude

      network several times after so many years of temper, site and webmaster according to users requirements and awareness of their own development but also in the change, also should change!

      the quality of Internet users have so many processes

      A: curious, what sites are going to see!
      B: ignorance, what do you give me what to eat!
      C: primary, what what are tips pop-up look at
      D: wake up, look at it slowly, holding shields Internet
      E: Sir, I want to have, don’t you don’t give me a vague

      remember 2001-2004 often hear "my computer crashed again, the reason is" open the web site but all popups consume all the resources on the computer, a computer in a lot of icons –IE has also been kidnapped, or stolen QQ Trojan plug-in tricks a user computer one day can be a "rape" and "N+1", let people hate. After the end plug consciousness, so this kind of website is not to the people, should be the phrase "I untouchables, I also can not afford to hide?"

      of course, the only honest to serve users, to do the following:

reference website

      1> COPY never mind, update time to
      2> hot spot please note that the SEO
  in formula   Qin;   3> layout for clear, too many ads despise you
      4> popups plugin hate you, hang on your
  to prevent Trojan;     5> speculation never mind, as long as the new ideas of

      now the Internet has entered the era of the master, who served on the good fortune!

      a few have warned against people, do more ", netizens master how times serve these master?

      please do a good job of these

      (1) guiding ideology mainly includes:


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