Analysis of video marketing and improvement of video playback!

recently in the video marketing, the basic principle is to find a popular video, and then insert their ads in the middle, in the upload to the major video sites. Through the video playback volume to filter out a wide range of traffic, the precise user guide to their own database.

said this is actually a simple process, but the details are very cumbersome.


1, popular video selection.

popular video is divided into a relatively short period of hot news, as well as a high degree of timeliness of the search for a higher long-term video.

hot news gossip and so on, mainly those on the Baidu real time list, in fact, there are a lot of details to find the need to pay attention to the quality of the search directly determines the amount of video playback.

fixed-point video, popular keywords video, the quality of the video is more important, basically, the collection is higher, will be able to see the look after it.

2, the production of video advertising

video advertising, video sites are now more stringent audit, in order to improve the pass rate, the length of the video advertising must be controlled. Can do a short point of about 15 seconds, and some longer than about 30 seconds to try. In the long pass rate is not good.

there is the voice of advertising, and now do not take the sound, the sound of the original video plus a good pass rate, the sound can be identified out of the audit.

3, video advertising upload

After the synthesis of

video and advertising, is the resolution of the same color and more consistent, the better the rate, the 1 accounts should not pass too much, the transfer of the 3 account can be changed.

major video platforms. Youku > Phoenix; > Iqiyi > Sina > Sohu; > > Tencent; potato

personal difficulty. Youku = six = Phoenix > Iqiyi > Sina; > Sohu =


4, the work of video transmission

video publicity is the most important player, upload is part of. How to promote the video is the most direct way to improve the amount of play.

divergent thinking about, for example:

is a weight loss of the video, such as a certain exercise to lose weight, ready to fill advertising after successful upload.

QQ group, you send a video link, will now have their relevance to the video information, your QQ number, a day and 4 Q group, and then share to the group. Add QQ group, you can lose weight is a group of people who are intent. This will also play the amount.


video sharing to the relevant post bar and forum, as long as there is a place where people can go to share, improve play >

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