Summary of several campus shopping website promotion strategy

because of the prospect of the EC, in disorderly fashion into the Internet this line, every day to each big Adsense website has become a part of life, read a lot about website promotion knowledge, but rarely see the promotion of campus shopping site, so I summarized the campus shopping site promotion strategy, hope to be able to dedicated to the campus mall webmaster help.

The first point:

with their QQ friends, website promotion is to start from the people around me, when you publish your friends website information in the QQ space or signature, his friends will be very carefully to see trust, the spread of the virus is simple.

second: release information on all the major sites, such as, city network, people network………… Because these mainstream websites dominate most of the information flow.

third points: the use of campus BBS, each university will have the mainstream of the forum, you can send students interested in the above posts, should not be pure advertising. You can make good use of avatar, signature: can design a special head, promote their brands, you can add your own signature forum introduction and connection, let every corner of the Internet but you connect the forum.

fourth points: campus posters, you can paste some Campus Recruitment agents on campus………… The poster, which is also the most direct way to save money.

fifth points: make full use of the SNS site, such as: campus network, QQ alumni, happy network………… Mood release, avatar and signature files.

sixth: make full use of blog, open the portal site blog, announced the campus shopping knowledge, such as how to online shopping, how to cheat and so on.

seventh points: cooperation with businesses to promote the use of campus activities. Recommend the school network society how to pull the college sponsored the article, I feel pretty good, to the stage of the sponsor to write very detailed.

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