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              see "swineherd on Baidu network marketing experience of bidding bottomless pit" reported that the city of pig PPC keyword price roller coaster ups and downs, the pain of those big pig. If you are not careful with Baidu search "pig, Zhumiao, piglets, pigs and other words, and accidentally click on the top of the link, you will give Baidu brought tens of dollars of income. As for the specific number of changes over time, in just a few days, the price of these words in the hundreds of dollars to 20 yuan fluctuate violently. A group of Jiangsu Suqian pig farm bosses are Baidu PPC advertising business in the deadly price war. Each click of the highest price reached 100 yuan, each click will semi piggy to transfer the money to Baidu.

news so that I suddenly entered the meditation, Baidu bid in the end is how? Why again and again to let the public down. Internet users in the end is how? Why do you know is a trap to jump again and again?

Baidu PPC, is a way to pay for the network promotion. With a small amount of investment can bring a large number of potential customers, effectively enhance the sales and brand awareness. It brings benefits to advertisers is that the world’s largest Chinese Internet marketing platform, a wide coverage; pay by the results, the average cost of new customers is low; targeted; full coverage of the customer; full service.

but Baidu really can do these? From the "Sanlu" began to CCTV exposed Baidu bidding shady, Baidu bid has been in the attack in my. Recently made the Shenzhen lawyers tell Baidu bidding event provides such false hits, network marketing experience and so on are in the bidding bottomless, and each company to Baidu website, a warning, understand their responsibilities, understand that you should play a role in the society.

webmaster network ( Wen Yang believes that as the site of the webmaster is also careful to choose the network promotion methods, so that they spend money to get the real return, to achieve the effect of network promotion. You will continue to go to Baidu bidding? I do not know what the answer is what you do, but I personally, I am disappointed Baidu.

sure many webmaster will ask, how to do their own website promotion?

1, in fact, there are a lot of ways, you can go to the A5 link ( Gid=319) to do a link to increase their own chain and the chain, to enhance their visibility!

2, in the A5 forums and websites and other webmaster to communicate and find some suitable for their own information, it can be targeted to solve their problems of network promotion, you can also learn from other webmaster experience, will take a lot less detours, less spend a lot of money!

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