State of the union business model analysis and summary of the team is very important

venture capital website ( is a platform for Chinese entrepreneurs in the community and media, is a pioneering vertical portal, currently in the field of venture capital in China has a leading position in the site. PR7, Baidu snapshot included nearly 50000, in 24 hours, Alexa wave at around 10000, IP daily visits 94800, daily PV 511920 hits, such data allow many industry website slide, below I will briefly analyze the business mode of operation and advantages.

venture capital is a vertical portal supported by a large company, which has a more obvious advantage relative to horizontal portals and other similar sites:

a strong economic strength

is the entrepreneur by international data group (IDG) and branch group jointly set up, IDG is the largest venture capital companies globally, economic strength should not be overlooked. Zero2IPO group is one of the best domestic Vc firms. There are two of the capital injection, in a large number of technical, sales, promotion and other personnel support, website development very influential.

strategies: small and medium-sized enterprises in the economy does not allow the case not to blindly imitate, eventually not weary no Paul is Paul and end, business advice website evaluation for quantity, find their own advantages, play their own advantages, in order to get the favor of venture capital or angel investment.

two, magazine promotion

venture’s entrepreneurial magazine can be regarded as the first brand of entrepreneurship magazine, not only the print version, there are online electronic version of this magazine in the promotion of the state owned website has an indispensable position.

is the first electronic magazines, in many ways to promote the site there is a kind of e-book marketing, although the concept and application of e-books have been popular in certain areas, but because the individual or institution of e-book marketing research is very few, the advantages of e-books as a marketing tool has not been more people understand that so far only a small amount of network marketing experts and some of the more prescient high-tech enterprises in the use of this is known as the secret weapon. E-book marketing has the following advantages:

1 is more free and cheaper than print ads (both traditional and web)

2 more accurate than e-mail marketing

3 is more effective than advertising alliance

4 than soft, activities and more vitality

is currently in the use of electronic marketing of large companies have Baidu, Alibaba, Sina, etc..

is the second printed version of the magazine printed version of the magazine, high cost, slow dissemination, spread a region limitation, but targeted and exposure rate is high, but also bring certain economic benefits. At present, there are some typical websites with printing magazines, such as "Computer News" and "computer enthusiast".


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