Every day my website promotion way

before doing this site, I do not have the idea of building and promotion of the site, I was in the boot of my classmates began to contact the industry.

although he is a part-time job, because the job is not very busy, there are a lot of free time, but my character is once things will stick to the end! I say this is less than a month to do station process.

domain name and space are students for me to deal with, to my hand is a need to load their own content. But I am still confused, don’t know where to start, the students recommended me DW, I watched the DW video tutorials on the Internet, it is a pity to code a little do not understand, before the university only learned a bit of C language, and DW tutorial has many of the local color code must be used after school, but do not know this is what the website construction……

later on the Internet know a friend, he told me some of the source code can be directly used to the space can, again want to thank Urumqi Garfield, although do not know, but for some of my now looks very simple question not to mind taking the trouble to help me, and even remote assistance, once again hope his Urumqi secondary network better ~ ~, pianti, ha ha, first select a source, upload a success, but the effect is not very good, they are not very satisfied, then I recommend to students and the old Y article system, with the East West long too much, I tried, really good. But I was in the process using FTP upload has been disconnected, upload the results after the end of some Y even the old master can not solve the problem, a lot of friends in the online consultation, after Friends introduced over an old Y master, had been used for many years before the old Y, ha ha, his online movie is now very popular ~~

is often very complicated and cumbersome process, and finally I put the site management background of the operation are all familiar with, and began to add their own content……



because my domain name is "I want to" site name "every day", oneself are in Baidu know, ask in consulting a lot of friends, let you help me find a way, plus I itself is a teacher, and eventually the type definition site for learning website, content navigation the website also took me a lot of effort, after all, I am a teach science, not science.

the next run, add articles, their original and pseudo original, lobbied for the more than and 80 article, and then go boldly to apply to GG, the result can be imagined, they refused, the Internet has seen many applications should pay attention to the situation, I think I should pay attention to all the attention, why no? Finally found that I ignore one of the most important things, GG application domain name must be more than half a year, I was more than two months, not GG, then Baidu alliance well, in June 13th more than 11 noon for the afternoon passed, after the friend knows.

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