Don’t be mad! Push AP to understand things

AP should be generally do Wangzhuan people started to do, because they know the part is too small, show a majority, including the madman himself is no exception, started only one head has been burned, do not know where the wrong, of course, now only rookie, just to share the experience of < / p>!

push AP when there are a few questions, if you can determine which is the best.

1, click rate:

How much is the ratio

and click on the real number of exposure? This is just a reference value, because the real tool in school when network is brought out, that is to say your customer base is not selected, you may push the last foot cleaning and maintenance group, the push bike course, but the two have no relevance not coherent, even if the coverage is very broad, then what’s the bird, unless you are doing precise traffic.

2, conversion rate:

means that tap into the Landing Page, and then fill in the form of people, this is very important, because this is the real effective list, but if you are not a precise flow, you will find it a little, can only use the law of large numbers.

3, PPC keyword:

many people afraid to spend money, but this is the fastest way, the current three flow direction: PPC, SEO, Social, Network, you didn’t come from there who knows the keyword flow, there is no such thing as today, so users find web site in the search for the athlete’s foot treatment led to search for "athlete’s foot medicine" keywords, you have been in the "itch" keyword in SEO with social network, the no flow, no name, no money, it is inevitable.

4, advertising title and ratio:

usually tested website will constantly do optimization, because in order to improve the ratio, so it will work in multiple places, which is a kind of advertising headlines, so please provide the original owners test better advertising title, like you want to come out of the title to the good will that not everyone is writer. Even if the writer is to test the market,

is always a teacher!

5, attendance:

here refers to the actual one product, because the actual one has its own characteristics, is to fill in a form to attend doesn’t mean to be present, so avoid to calculate ratio, to push APP tools who know how many people are in and how many people will attend this heart Anne!

6, cost benefit ratio:

The most important

of this ratio, the other did not know this ratio never mind, that is to say, the owners spend 1 dollars can finally get a few? If it is spent 1 dollars to get 2 dollars, I have to do, after optimization promotion, if the ratio is 1=7, so excited! To do desperate

!In addition to

: random spam, but it is very unwise behavior, that the high coverage will be traded, >

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