Configuration scheme of Windows Server 2003 system

Windows Server 2003 system configuration

due to the short ASP Trojan problem is serious / a lot of hosts hire friends and host administrators want me to ask WIN2003 for some security configuration measures, and now I do pull preliminary finishing. We want to help. There are inadequacies please fill up.


A, system

1, in accordance with the Windows2003 installation of the installation of the prompt, by default, 2003 did not install the IIS6.0 in the system.

2, the installation of IIS6.0
Start Menu – > – > control panel; add or remove programs – > add / remove Windows components

3, patch update
click the start menu – > all programs – > Windows Update
patch according to the prompt installation.

GHOST backup system and backup the system


5, installation of commonly used software such as antivirus software,

1, system permissions Settings > system disk and
disk system

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