The Jingdong under the frame of a double Yi Ruo the turn of fortune of the business

recently, the reporter found that online business, Jingdong on the platform of fortune edible oil and other commodities, all disappear. According to informed sources, the Jingdong in the country of fortune edible oil were off the shelf, the inventory of goods from a single, and Fulinmen within 7 days all under the frame of commodity away, otherwise Press scrap processing.

the occurrence of this incident may not be accidental. In September 1st, the Jingdong’s old rival Tmall supermarket to carry out the order price folded "activities in Beijing Shanghai, which is the platform for consumers to buy goods at half price subsidies. Shortly thereafter, Jingdong asked to withdraw the folded part of the business activities, was rejected after the upcoming spin Fulinmen products across the shelf.



note: the Jingdong platform has been unable to find the "fortune" and related products

in fact, this is not the first time Jingdong forced businesses two choose one. Not long ago, domestic agents ASC Lafite is involved in 9.9 of Tmall’s global wine festival, the next day, the Jingdong’s official flagship store has been open, and in the search box also has been unable to find any of the "ASC official flagship store" search results.

In addition to

, three squirrels, wood and other products have been in the "double" on the eve of the Jingdong was on the shelf, which, in addition to the three squirrels and investors Xu Xin, Jingdong negotiations on the line again. However, M.L.S. is not so "lucky" — on "public Jingdong Linsen official flagship store" to make "the closed shop, and no permanent cooperation" punishment, Linsen also publicly expressed "play with Jingdong".

independent business analysts Zhang Lei believes that the true platform has the right to decide its own channel whether certain goods for sale, but for their own interests and the behavior are suppressed, much later, is lost, and the relationship between the platform and the business is in jeopardy.

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