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China Network TV news: now popular network buy, that is, through the web site together into a large customer, and business bargaining, so as to get a best price. In the buy site, the price of goods are very exciting, and even hit 88% off of the price is not new. The advantage of the price to buy a lot of people are welcome, buy site also mushroomed rapidly increase. However, some people came to participate in group purchase, have attracted a lot of trouble.

buy mobile phone was used cosmetics

Miss Cai is a group of Beijing City fans

. Not long ago, Cai saw a group called "hand in hand" on the site is "buy", to sell their own brand name has long been the eye cream, the price is very cheap. Usually buy this thing to spend a few hundred dollars, but this only need to spend 190 yuan. Not only that, hand group also promised to return seven days package, support to counter inspection, fake a compensable three. Cheap and ensure quality, Miss Choi immediately remitted money. Two days later, the goods were delivered. However, after the opening, the first impression is not right, Cai said that its bottle, the lid with the usual use is not the same, then a little doubt that it is false.

Miss Cai came to the mall with the eye cream to check the authenticity of a check. The shop assistant said, "it’s too fake. It can’t be true".

compared with Miss Cai, Miss Zhang’s experience more bizarre. Not long ago, Miss Zhang in a product called a group on the site to see their favorite mobile phone, the price is also very attractive. After remittance, receipt of goods, Miss Zhang was dumbfounded: "after opening, is one of them used cosmetics."

is spending money from mobile phone, is actually the cosmetics, but also used, which makes Miss Zhang dumbfounding. Who knows, let her even more unexpected things happened: a product group website can not open. Fear of being deceived, Miss Zhang in the online search, as expected to search for other victims. Later, Miss Zhang learned that the same as she bought this phone received a variety of goods, some people received the newspaper, as well as people who received the cards, etc..

like Miss Zhang, Miss Cai to participate in the online group to buy cheated users really a lot. China Consumer Association received many similar complaints every day. Consumers Association complaints department director Qiu Jianguo introduction, this year, the rapid development of group purchase website, from some local associations reflect the situation now, such complaints have increased, mainly reflecting the problem of goods not board, counterfeit goods.

buy site does not audit business qualification

in order to find out what is the problem in the process of promoting the sale of the site, the reporter decided to do a pro

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