The development trend of group buying website

buy site as a derivative of different types of e-commerce sites, will pay more and more attention to product quality and consumer user experience. In addition to the need for a large number of funds in a large number of commercial fast staking outside, who first discovered and created the needs of consumers, who may become the future of strong.

main trends: regional segmentation

Internet users in the process of searching for the purchase of information in the process of urban regionalization information more attention. Baidu statistics show that with the increasing number of buy site, local class information has become the focus of attention, in large cities, regional differentiation trend is obvious.

‘love Youju’ according to the characteristics of consumers to design a product, the breakdown of the 50 District of Beijing."

key trends two: vertical

when integrated time group purchase sites in the red sea was killed in a fight at outrance, vertical group purchase website is inventive to develop its own blue ocean. The day before, the first batch of China engaged in cosmetics vertical group purchase website – and Sequoia Capital investment. founder Chen Ou believes that vertical service standardization can be done, and the product is easy to control, great development space.

Ari analyst Su Huiyan analysis, vertical buy site, especially the second tier buy site survival, an important way to occupy the market. From the current situation, the first large-scale comprehensive group purchase website also saw the vertical advantage and successive influx as early as 2011 before the establishment of the maternal child shopping website – run several months in Qingdao Beibei group get 9 million yuan investment.

China e-commerce research center analyst Wu Xuefei said, go vertical road will enable users to locate group purchase website more accurate, save users time, avoid spending a lot of energy selection has no intention of consumer products, to provide more quality and efficient service for the user.

group development trend forecast

1. Buy site will usher in the collapse of mergers and acquisitions tide

funds less, the lack of resources to buy the site will be acquired or eliminated, will eventually show 3 ~ 4 buy leading enterprises and some have the resources of the enterprise group to buy the market structure.

2. After the market competition after the presence of the group of companies will get more investment

after the survival of the fittest, to survive the group purchase website, capital will give more investment to the development of.

3. Group purchase will be classified information website, community website, electronic commerce website "standard"

e-commerce sites, such as Kelan diamond network launched "rush group", Taobao launched "Juhuasuan"; classified information network, such as launched the "comment"; the SNS community, such as happy net is the line of the group purchase business. These three types of websites will be used in the future

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