Ministry of Commerce and other 6 departments issued a document accelerate the construction of electr

in March 17th, the Ministry of Commerce, development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of transport, the General Administration of customs and the State Post Bureau, National Standards Commission 6 departments jointly issued the "national e-commerce logistics development plan (2016-2020)" (hereinafter referred to as the "plan").

"plan" pointed out that in recent years, China’s logistics enterprises to maintain rapid growth, diversified development, business model innovation, service capabilities significantly improve, has become an important part of modern logistics industry and promote the new economic development momentum. With the development of national economy and comprehensive transformation and upgrading of the Internet, networking and infrastructure development, to further improve the electricity supplier logistics demand will maintain rapid growth, service quality and innovation capacity is expected to further enhance the channel sink and "going out" to highlight trends, will enter a new stage of comprehensive services of social production and people’s lives. Accelerate the development of electricity supplier logistics, to enhance the level of e-commerce, reduce logistics costs, improve circulation efficiency, to guide the production, to meet consumption, and promote the structural reform of the supply side are of great significance.

"planning" is divided into five parts: the status quo and the situation, guiding ideology, planning principles and development goals, the main tasks, major projects, organization and implementation and security measures.

"planning" proposed that by 2020, the basic form of "perfect layout, structural optimization, powerful, efficient operation, service quality," the electricity supplier logistics system. "Planning" the logistics network system construction to support the development of e-commerce, e-commerce logistics to improve the level of standardization, improve the information level of e-commerce logistics, e-commerce logistics enterprises promote intensive green development, accelerate the development of small and medium-sized city and rural electricity supplier logistics, accelerate the development of logistics areas of people’s livelihood, the construction of cross-border electricity supplier logistics system and open sharing the seven task. At the same time put forward eight major engineering projects, the electricity supplier logistics standards and the corresponding engineering and public information platform for rural service projects, community service projects, cold chain logistics engineering, green engineering, cross-border circulation project and innovation project etc.. In the organization and implementation of security, "plan" put forward five requirements including strengthen the planning implementation and implementation of the organization, to create a good environment for development, strengthen and improve the policy support, improve the credit supervision and management system, improve the logistics statistical monitoring system.

"plan" requirements, development and reform, commerce, transportation, customs, postal services, standardization departments in comprehensive coordination mechanism of national modern logistics work, strengthen coordination, focus, implement the responsibility to form a joint force. Local relevant departments must follow the "planning" to determine the objectives and tasks, strengthen the local electricity supplier logistics development guidance, formulate specific implementation plan as soon as possible, improve and refine the relevant policies and measures, solid work. The relevant associations and chambers of Commerce, unions and other social organizations should give full play to the industry self-regulation, industry research, standard implementation, statistical monitoring, personnel training, promotion and other aspects of the role, to promote the healthy development of the industry.

below is the full text of the plan:

National Electronics

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