Juhuasuan strict control of the rate of return is intended to combat the single brush

August 20th news, it is understood that the news broke the news, Juhuasuan will begin to monitor the rate of return of the business indicators, the store refund rate is higher than 30% (tentative) businesses will not be able to participate in the activities of Juhuasuan.


pass Juhuasuan strict refund rate

sources also exposed Juhuasuan small and business communication. According to the picture information display, the policy will be formally launched on September 10th, will be 15 days ahead of the Juhuasuan business center publicity, and the introduction of formal rules.

screenshots, Juhuasuan 2 remind businesses change rules, and optimize the store index as soon as possible, so as to avoid unnecessary losses.

official: This is the old regulations September will be on the monitoring system

billion state power network matter to verify the official Juhuasuan. Juhuasuan official said, on the rate of return on the merchant’s supervision is not the new rules, announced in May this year, Juhuasuan basic investment standards can see the relevant provisions. And in September 10th this time node is due to the on-line monitoring system, so Juhuasuan remind businesses to pay more attention to the refund rate and other indicators.

, we strictly in accordance with the investment standards before the merchant audit and screening, this is just the on-line system, so that the system monitoring and manual control jointly play a role." Juhuasuan official said. "All the details about the rate of return on business and before the introduction of the May" standard "exactly the same. Men’s clothing, women’s clothing store refund rate of nearly 90 days in less than 40%, the rest of the category must be less than 30%."

released in May this year, Juhuasuan basic investment standards

Juhuasuan official also pointed out that the relevant rules on the refund rate and is to create a fair and competitive business environment, encourage more quality businesses poly, will refund rate, DSR and other basic indicators included in the Juhuasuan foundation investment criteria.

or hit the brush alone?

also pointed out that the business, the policy may be aimed at combating business brush. Juhuasuan is now a very powerful brush. Brush the way is’ take payment ‘, but after the Juhuasuan event, will refund. So Juhuasuan now put forward this rule, but also the introduction of the system, in fact, the purpose of grasping a single brush, grasping false transactions."

Participate in the activities of business

about the purposes of scalping, industry analysts: Juhuasuan in general or to sell goods, so businesses in order to continue to receive activity resources, or brush."

another home textile category businesses pointed out that this policy indicates that many businesses to participate in the event of a refund rate of over 30%. In fact, if the Juhuasuan event in the brush, the refund rate will certainly be high. This policy will squeeze out the bubble or good.

"but some clothing businesses"

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