WAL-MART management personnel stationed in store 1 integration will begin




management in shop No. 1 personnel integration started (TechWeb pictures)


technology news November 6th noon news, Sina learned today, WAL-MART holdings Shop No. 1 after the management integration has recently started to. Executives of a number of 1 stores, vice president of the level of job transfer occurs, and successors are WAL-MART electricity supplier team members.

Shop No. 1 according to insiders confirm, shop No. 1 Dongdong financial vice president Guo served as vice president of food and beverage, former vice president of human resources, Liang Yong served as vice president of business ethics. The original positions of these two positions were previously WAL-MART e-commerce team members Song Youwen and Dai Qing took over.

in August this year, WAL-MART holding 1 of the transaction was approved by the Ministry of commerce. The former holds the latter shares from the original 17.7% to $51%. October, WAL-MART announced that the integration with the 1 shop is underway. WAL-MART executives have bluntly 1 shop will be one of the main driving force of WAL-MART’s future in china.

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