Clothing electricity supplier to talk about the four key to do e-mail marketing

hot summer came, as a clothing business, because we plan ahead, the correct strategy, marketing tools awesome, it has achieved good sales performance. In view of the current domestic economic data is poor, the entrepreneurial environment is tight, and other shops rent and other costs remain high, I suggest that the garment industry can be more in the electricity supplier efforts, can greatly reduce costs. In marketing, I think is the most suitable Internet marketing, especially the email marketing, we not only use its constitute a closed-loop shopping process, and its application in the product / service promotion, benefit. Let’s talk about our experience.


, a well targeted eyesight questionnaire,

the age of the Internet business, should stand in the "user" perspective, that is to say what consumers are really interested in this? "Pain points" of the grasp is mainly rely on product R & D personnel, senior designers to provide a basis for decision making, in addition to use mailing questionnaires to do consumer is an important auxiliary means. The questionnaire should pay attention to several points:

1 to attract consumers take the initiative to click on "start", we are committed to the randomly selected consumers free trial of new products, gift coupons, use the "summer" what do you want to invite readers to participate in the design of the way.

2 to ensure that the user to complete the fill, the questionnaire design style and mail, the site is consistent, an important factor is not missing.

3 questionnaire length control in 2-3 minutes, only to capture essential marketing elements of product design information, try to use the non selection, voting and other simple way to answer.

two, the target audience subdivision category

in the acquisition of first-hand materials, we use the service provider U-Mail e-mail platform for the bulk of the target population classified marketing:

1 according to the U-Mail email platform for accurate and effective statistical data, the most popular summer area, the longest continuous marketing in Southern China, Hainan, Guangxi and other regions, the spending power of the most exuberant Jiangsu city wide, considering the different climate, living habits and cultural traditions, we on the promotion of marketing in several areas, the use of advertising language is different, the product spokesperson also try to meet the local aesthetic point of view;

2 we also according to the age, not the same, in pictures and expressions, such as 90, the Kawai cartoon style, in 70, after 80 we locate the workplace ofelites, after we asked for the 60 material increased tone more calm and more dignified and too observant of conventional standards. design.

three, write the title to win a deep, good first impression

we believe that the modern society due to the accelerated pace of life, entertainment channels increased, information explosion >

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