Do station half experience

also talked about Taobao, I have to talk about feelings, Taobao has been half a year, finally have some harvest, student Zi network marketing blog today by the platform to share my feelings about half a year to do Amoy, Amoy the hardships of the road, and the harvest of joy.

my blog, learn when Zi network marketing blog created, written articles on Taobao customers, a design, future results?. The passenger said something about Taobao’s yearning and guest development, but the theory is ultimately the theory, practice is more difficult than imagined, but although the Amoy road is full of hardships, but not without opportunities, as long as we adhere to and grasp the direction, so do the Tao there is still hope, and can make money.

the first guest to have a good program, we all know that some time ago Baidu K crazy out guest included, crazy K off included, ranking also decreased, the weight also decreased linearly. But why there are so many people to do guest is a good method because the guest is, a good guest program is a must, a good program is that you can both make each big search engine also can maintain normal included rankings, a simple single page might not have done wonders. Amoy also basic start, choose a good program, is a basic and important quality of A.

second, Tao do you want to have a good attitude, attitude is a key problem of the guest, because as long as the site is not the moment to make money, the guest is the same, the first thing to do to fight for a long time, because the guest is to rely on the website optimization and promotion, if people want to understand the specific method of optimization and promotion, go to my blog to learn network marketing blog to look carefully, does not elaborate here.

again, there is a difference between Tao and other websites, if you choose keywords difficult index is very high, so do not recommend only by means of SEO to do, but also to take into account the massive amounts of data through Taobao, Amoy website to Taobao guest website marketing, once included a the breakthrough, so even if your website is not ranked, so can also bring more traffic from search engines.

finally, guest website also has a vast network, after all, if your site is not included in Amoy no ranking, so if you have extensive contacts, so as you can through contacts to marketing your website, this method does not specifically say we all know, oh, we all have friends and relatives friends, colleagues, let them buy things so much simpler than a stranger, you know.

my guest website: I love Amoy, for half a year, we can see that included good, ranking is also good, finally at the end of this month have some income, we must understand a guest friend, must insist, since you chose to Amoy this road, then stick with it you will succeed. Last wish to do all Amoy

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