The quality of the brand NetEase koala sea to buy the board of the year leading industry products ti

AI media network on January 6, 2017, sponsored by the AI media consulting group of "2016 year-end top list of China Mobile Internet contest announced the annual list of top NetEase, koala sea purchase won the annual industry leading product title.


it is understood that the "2016 China Mobile Internet year-end peak contest standings" is the 2016 strongest Internet screening and recognition, selection of awards set up enterprises (brand), characters, product (platform), media four categories, the results of the final selection of investment value, comprehensive influence and innovation ability based on the dimensions, combined with AI exclusive media consulting evaluation system model, the 2016 China Mobile Internet year-end peak list judges according to the situation of the enterprise and Internet voting comprehensive decision.


NetEase, NetEase with koala sea purchase brand advantage, capital advantage, advantage and advantage of proprietary platform koala gains in one fell swoop, annual industry leading products ", fully affirmed the NetEase purchase the products, the koala Sea brand influence and competitiveness of the industry. It is understood that the NetEase koala sea purchase is the NetEase’s main retail imports featured a comprehensive business platform, the NetEase adhere to the self, and supply, to provide genuine security, to Chinese provide consumers with the most competitive prices and the best quality goods shopping and delivery experience. At present, the koala sold goods covering beauty, clothing, food, daily maternal, and digital and other six categories, and reached a strategic partnership with hundreds of global top brands and suppliers, is the largest cross-border electronic business platform, cross-border electronic business platform is the most popular Chinese.

in addition, the new year’s party is a major electricity supplier platform tried to compete for resources, cross-border electricity NetEase koala sea purchase to become the biggest dark horse, with the exclusive sponsor of Hunan TV New Year party new year’s offensive in the 2017 business ranking war grabbed the top spot, also marks the media NetEase koala sea purchase electricity supplier strategy upgrade. According to reports, the NetEase in 2017 will enhance the koala sea purchase media electricity supplier strategy, in addition to strengthen the live, the list of the advantages, will continue to cooperate and major media channels, and the regional landing, with more interesting gameplay and user close interaction, continued to lead the cross-border imports of consumer market.

selection committee said that this year the peak list aims to development trend of 2016 China Mobile Internet footprint and Analysis on the success of the enterprise (brand), characters, product (platform), the media authority comb, and recognition of its Internet industry and economic and social development bring profound changes and impact on mobile.

contest the spirit of fairness, justice and openness, through the perspective of professional authority view of the growing potential of an enterprise, investment value, excellent operation and team management ability, the spread of brand value and a new round of upsurge of cooperation and investment trend will also promote the full range of media promotion, will also promote the enterprise reputation formation good effect, promote the development of the brand. >

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