Suning stores sold out network merger O2O eco molding

with full network is from Suning acquisition information, 2014 business first M & Suning flowers. Had been suspected of buying one of the big four party yesterday which was a takeover, I did not expect the final closing by Su Ninglai. In accordance with the rumored "competition of family background theory, thus the evolution pattern of group purchase Baidu Nuomi, Ali group, Tencent, Suning full competition. With the four group purchase of mergers and acquisitions in the second situation, public comment, Wo Wo Group and the value of financing is also rising, is likely to be other industry giants acquisitions.

The new

group purchase pattern, see is still competition between platforms, the current domestic Internet basically has 2 characteristics: one is the traditional Internet giant fierce transition to the mobile Internet, is to have a variety of mergers and acquisitions and shares of the incident; two is generally related to the mobile Internet industry, will be a few big do not look at the Internet platform attention, whether the current profit, then acquire the other words. So we can see the application of the distribution map, taxi software, group purchase website industry mergers and acquisitions of shares or a pile of cases.

Suning as their number and transaction amount since the bright younger generation, since the line involved in mergers and acquisitions in the minority, since the start of June 2012, Suning acquisition red children, PPTV, full network. In the meantime let people more amazing is the pace of Internet banking Suning, less than 2 years, with third paid pictures and payment settlement fund sales license, set up insurance sales company, bid for Suning bank and approved. September 2013 Suning also launched an open platform Su Ningyun providers, basically, the current popular Internet Suning decline in the field, you can see the determination of Suning transformation of the internet.

Suning why M & a full network

this question, we explain the development of In June 2013, the original group purchase, Suning will travel, virtual products three channel integration upgrade, on-line local life channel, providing more than and 10 first-tier cities the delicacy and entertainment, life, hotel, commercial group purchase services, you can see the group purchase is Suning layout an important part of O2O.

full network in addition to its core team has extensive operational experience in the local life products outside, its business scope has been involved in catering, housekeeping, film, beauty, SPA, fitness, travel, car rental, rental and other fields, which is necessary for local life service channels Suning, Suning war road the establishment of the O2O ecosystem to store as the core, radiation surrounding businesses, in order to improve the implementation of O2O strategy development path, this idea is particularly suitable for the O2O.

of Suning acquired full network concerns

two years ago, the electricity supplier war, we see the Suning figure, when line at the beginning, will participate in electronic business platform are price war play, perfect figure will show in the public eye, there is an explanation for the ulterior motive, agree with the practice of suning. And at this time Suning and

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