The four links price to complete the courier to shop Starving people fill the land.

in the online shopping market, both the buyer and seller or the supply chain in all aspects of the logistics price fluctuations are particularly sensitive. May readers think, every single price 0.5~1 yuan is not necessary, but standing in the position of the seller to get excited over a little thing, and when faced with hundreds of orders every day, even when thousands of orders, but long decimal count. Logistics expenditure as a relatively stable operating expenses, the cost has been relatively fixed, but also allows many buyers and sellers in the overall price budget is relatively easy to control, easy to achieve cost management. Once encountered a variety of logistics companies within a short time the overall price changes, often let the owner caught off guard.


opened the first wave of price hikes, allowing employers to receive the "first knife" is Yuantong express. September 2nd, Yuantong Express announced on the official said, will be the first in the Shanghai area by courier charges. In the owner since four when suddenly wow sound, in the pass, SF, Huitong followed, have released a price announcement in the month. Online shopping market suffered repeated blows, suddenly become Starving people fill the land".


electricity supplier and courier industry in 2011

shop owner’s voice: can not hold off the

a sales skating shop responsible person said, usually in order to let consumers, are perennial shipping. He said, on the one hand can reduce operating costs, on the other hand will choose a secure courier delivery, but the pulley is heavyweight product, if SF price will exceed 20 yuan, now again suffered a price, can’t afford it. If push came to shove, only to cancel the shipping, but this will inevitably lead to customer rebound, conflicts of interest will become more prominent on both sides.

in the domestic e-commerce market, whether it is B2C or C2C, especially the latter, a considerable part of the shop operator is operating as a sideline to perform. Relatively loose in the job time, the use of spare time to engage in income generating assets There are plenty of people who miss Zhang proprietor of a fashion, slippers shop is one of them. Miss Zhang’s shop inventory can be updated, to allow customers to order online, afternoon back contact express delivery, can work outside the industry, two not mistake, but it seemed at ease. In the face of the express collective price, Miss Zhang anxious, "sell a pair of slippers to make a ten block eight, are relying on long-term reputation to tourist saved up, now express that rising up, I was in a nice hobble". This way a lot of small sellers voice, "was originally a small business, it did not go off."

logistics company complained: price regression

filed a "express price", as a senior practitioners in the industry, rhyme express vice president Zhou Baigen said in an interview, not asking price, the price should be called "regression". 10 years ago we sent a piece of the field is at least 50 yuan from now, not the market early, and often have.

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