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iResearch fresh Chinese second-hand car electricity supplier industry research report shows that the first half of this year, second-hand car trading has reached the scale of 4 billion 700 million yuan, turnover of 82 thousand vehicles, and last year the size of the transaction only 50 thousand vehicles.

used car business is about to become a giant rising "outlet", from the beginning of last year by entrepreneurs and investors feudal lords vying for the throne. Among them, this year has just joined the fray Eslite excellent car is one of the most eye-catching performance, last December, to get it real fund millions of angel investment, after a month and got the IDG capital of nearly ten million U.S. dollars A round of financing, the first flagship store opened in May after 3 months has reached sales numbers were more than and 100 months, still with the average monthly growth rate of 30%.


in 2014 as a latecomer into this industry, but the excellent car Eslite co-founder and COO William Tu from the beginning of 2006 has been concerned about the second-hand car electricity supplier, witnessed the fall of the martyrs, the rise of the Internet platform, also see a China uniqueness relative to the United States market: here, with pure Internet the second-hand car "this way".

recently, William Tu accepted Ti said in a media interview, he believed that the second-hand car market China is entering a buyer’s market, only to maximize the close to the consumer side, in the industrial chain to grab the most lucrative profits. The O2O model will break through the traditional used car market barriers to the ground, skip the line shop, store period, so that a month and a half out of a shop possible. Across the Internet era, the transaction commission will no longer be the only source of profit, automotive services, automotive finance and other derivative services will have a broader imagination.

in early 2006, Chinese used car electricity supplier has revealed the lotus sharp angle, some of the C2C (copy to China) the company began to appear. At that time, William Tu in the United States to read MBA, eBay Motos model feasibility has been verified. At that time, the United States is a topic of investment circles: if eBay Motos from the eaby out of what will happen, we all agree that it will become the United States ranked the top ten electricity supplier companies. The United States used car electricity supplier’s bright future let William Tu saw the opportunity in the Chinese market. He participated in the investment in Shanghai, a two degree car used car electricity supplier, hoping to replicate the success of eBay motos in the United states.

, however, after two hours of car after a few pattern adjustment toss, or died.

William Tu summarizes several lessons on titanium media: first, the starting time of the market is still a little early, domestic second-hand car market did not rise; second, with pure Internet way to solve the problem of second-hand car market this road barrier, users can not see people, not.

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