The war between electronic commerce and traditional commerce

There is a famous saying in

‘s western philosophers: existence is reasonable, yes, since there is such a thing in the world, and has her own living space, then there is the truth. We can go to reject, we can go to not accept, we can also use alternative vision to look at those new things. We know that the development of things she has the potential law of development, that is advancing wave type, spiral, this is nothing can escape the law, just as we cannot escape from the same old die! Is a kind of electronic commerce is one of the Internet has created, a group of a group of heroes the characters, also let a lot of people fear, realize the true meaning of the people will say it is a business opportunity, it is an opportunity for two people who do not know, will say that it is the devil, swallow money machine. A few years ago the Internet hype let many investment companies bubble so we unable to get up after a fall, said the arrival, in fact we all know, a seed, to the fields after flowering can result, and it also has a certain process. And as we cite this example, your original seed is also very important, this seed determines whether you want to harvest success or failure!


regardless of the existence of e-commerce is reasonable, but the current market transactions, you have to believe that


compared to the traditional business e-commerce from


is the electronic commerce, it must be done by electronic products or electronic tools a little business, here, we can think of a few years, the changes in the world, is what makes the world is changing so fast? Is culture. What is the difference between the culture and the past? Where is the root of the difference, from communication and communication between people, because of the communication between different cultures. We know the past, a lot of Liuyang people back ideas change, dress changed, why, because culture with other cultures, which is a cultural change. For never Liuyang people now, why also changed, the root of this variable from where the Internet Internet! Let the earth into a village. Whether it is the exchange of information, or other aspects, we learned to use such electronic tools.

e-commerce has a huge pot information and information processing system is convenient, and convenient way of communication, in such an environment, you can not understand the people you deal, complete the purchase sales task

!But the traditional

mode, you need to stop the accumulation of customer resources, you need to visit a lot of places, spend a lot of time, you can find the required products, or your customers, but not the traditional sales Nothing is right.

!The advantages

disadvantages of electronic commerce is the traditional sales, caused by electronic business transactions are a lot of strangers deal, for the quality of the products, the integrity of each other, it is difficult to grasp, especially bulk commodity trading, the meeting is inevitable. The traditional sales, basically are familiar with, "

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