YxB2B cause analysis of low PR value of commercial network

recently through the investigation of B2B website PR value is equal to 0 or is very small, so B2B may have low PR value of the site is what causes? There may be some problems in the aspects of Web site structure, hierarchy, information update frequency etc.. Although the website PR value high may not explain what problem, but still have some problems that low.

personally think that there is not much significance to improve the PR value of the site itself, but through the analysis of the reason of low PR value of the site, can discover the problem of website. The cause of most of the domestic B2B e-commerce website PR value low at least comprises several factors: Web page URL hierarchy is too deep; copy of the website or web page; correlation design and web page title.

believe that many webmaster friends know, a website update frequency will directly affect the site’s collection and ranking, so the site home page URL is particularly important, so if it is a multi-level structure. When users visit the site with a top-level domain, the home page is directed to multi-level URL, under normal circumstances, due to the larger amount of information updates, those sites should be at least 5 PR or higher.

copy of the site or web page. Others collect information on the website, search engine is a taboo, of course, the B2B website is very easy to cause the duplicated web pages, especially the product supply information, product purchase information as the core content of the main columns, these columns are similar or just the same, so it may be the search engine that is copied ".

The relevance of

page content and web page title design. This relationship is particularly important to any type of site, of course B2B this kind of supply and demand information website is the user to release information, the title and content of design is difficult for the general membership released can reach the level of professional website editor. The page title and content caused a lot of serious, significant impact on the PR value of the site. Part of the information reference: web marketing research professional website.

here to share with you: YxB2B V4.1.2 new release.

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