CASO responded to Dangdang online selling events tolerance to tort is not

CCTV recently exposed Dangdang sales fake table event, referring to Dangdang sales of Casio not only not authorized to sell, but also to consumers to sell fake table. After the incident, Dangdang said it has all the shelves of Casio.

Why would

well-known e-commerce sites selling counterfeit watches? Is the case or industry phenomenon? What is the reason behind? How to distinguish between genuine and fake fake? How to ensure the interests of consumers? How rights infringed by the manufacturers in the sale of fake? after the scandal, also appears on the market doubts, Casio Inc responsible person of one response.

asked 1: This CCTV consumer proposition Dangdang reported selling fake Casio, what is the attitude of the Casio Inc have to continue to follow up on this matter?

Casio Inc: Unfortunately, this involves the identification of Casio reported by our company strictly are fake CASIO products, Casio Inc as the trademark owner cannot tolerate this kind of violation of consumer rights, infringe upon the rights of the manufacturer behavior.

CASIO brand watch is a stylish personality line, a full-featured, strong sense of design, by the vast number of consumers, especially young people’s favorite in China’s high visibility. Some unscrupulous businessmen to seek illegitimate interests, a large number of fake Casio, sales on the Internet to a lot less than genuine price, serious violations of consumer rights.

in the event after exposure, the company personnel responsible for consumer attitudes to, hope to discuss how to protect the rights and interests of consumers, but did not get any positive response on behalf of Although there is no commitment from the other side to discuss this issue again, CASIO will continue to work hard and Dangdang communication.

asked the 2 Casio Inc to do what work in fake rights above


Casio Inc: for online spread of fake CASIO watches, the intellectual property department, our company specialized personnel of the Ministry of justice, formed a fake professional team, also hired a team to investigate the company and external lawyers, according to different circumstances, take various effective measures to play false:

focus on monitoring the production and distribution of fake channels, such as fake manufacturing, wholesale, retail market, warehouse, once found a fake, no matter how much quantity will be

and banned;

for the poor nature of the infringer and important cases, we will take all kinds of judicial measures, including litigation;

for the online sales of fake behavior, once identified as fakes will immediately negotiate with the website, demanding the closure of the sale of counterfeit goods, the sale of counterfeit goods shop and delete ", on a large scale implementation of the next line of attack and selling businesses.

asked 3: in the future for consumers may encounter counterfeit Casio, CASIO offers how to help >

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