Electric Dreams

"electronic commerce is a hoax, I advise entrepreneurs to do business this, think, think, think twice five four." Music Amoy network CEO Bi Sheng in the winter when the issue of capital issued by the emotion, has been turned into a cold water supplier by the cold electricity supplier industry.

in order to spend this winter, music Amoy network said it would cut 80% of the advertising budget.

in the first half of this year, the electricity supplier is still hot wind. The risk of investors have hit the retail giant line layout, rarely heard on the market for the industry leap forward development concerns. Now the winter coming, a number of business or business failure, significantly reduced the number of investment and financing, questioned the voice can be heard without end.

this seems to be the Bi Sheng electricity supplier scam argument: high cost, low profit margins and hopeless, hit the enthusiasm of entrepreneurs and investors. In the cheat and cheated in the debate, the electricity supplier industry is being pushed to a more grim future.

seven days electrical network CEO left Yingjie bluntly: next year’s B2C will be closed in the next, in the current 3C home appliance class electricity supplier in the future, less than more than and 20 of the money in the future may have 10, the next two years will be very difficult."

successive failures

Bi Sheng sigh issued after the Jingdong in micro-blog mall CEO Liu Qiangdong said, "in the middle of the night without sleep at night excited, Bi Sheng brother central speech, every sentence is the truth!"

number of power grid crashed, and the "truth" echoes.

November 21st, MSN Chinese network shopping channels of the contract site, there are products network stop operations. Wang Yan, director of public relations, said MSN, there are some products on the need to adjust the operation of the network, so stop the operation of the channel.

In the

business circle not famous goods network, received the most attention, the news was in October last year, from the first round of financing of $10 million Richmond Management news group and Murdoch’s, but this does not seem to have goods network and bring the good expectations.

MSN Chinese online shopping channel line since the end of 2009, has been outsourced to the exclusive operation of the product network. We do not call it MSN mall, positioning is the shopping channel, we will not participate in the internal operation, there is a decision to stop the operation of their own products, we also reminded the follow-up to deal with things." Wang Yan said.

previously, part of the electricity supplier difficulties or even bankruptcy has emerged. At the end of September, online supermarket warehouse to terminate the operation; in October 26th, focus on office snacks B2C website sago net announced the closure, after a month in the ordering website image to appear on the stage; and as early as last year, B2C cosmetics mall closed closed rice.

Shenzhen e-commerce industry association data show that last year, the closure or transformation of e-commerce enterprises in Shenzhen close to 500.

"in the new venture"

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