Analysis of various changes in China’s electricity supplier ()

has been in the past few years dealing with the electricity supplier, especially this year, continued contact with dozens of companies operating, market related personnel, can be said that the electricity supplier in recent years there are blind, but also rational. A few years ago, many of the electricity supplier even the station search function are not conscious, and now most of the data has been the sense of value. In these two or three years, the electricity supplier who have a considerable number of changes, then I roughly speaking a few.

from a piece of good to see

advocacy electricity supplier may start three years ago, when e-commerce is another flashpoint. Because there is no similar to the kind of storefront storefront and high operating costs, market costs. And can sell products without borders, which makes a lot of people holding a beautiful fantasy. All of a sudden, electricity providers everywhere.

last year, I have heard that there are several independent Chinese B2C. There are thousands of well-known. At the beginning of 2007 or so, I got a table, originally independent B2C can find almost more than 1 thousand, shopping process can run smoothly, probably in about 200. Just two or three years, suddenly became a few million, the outbreak of this industry is sure. In practice, however, this is probably a lot of credit to a company like a dealer. With such a company, it is convenient to build a B2C. And now the face of such a complete system of SHOPEX industry. When the company will call the slogan is: to build a B2C, to sell your products to the world, only XX yuan." Followed by a sentence: This is the last chance of the Internet, this is how exciting words, many of the original wholesale, but also B2C. Open shop, but also B2C. Because the cost is not high, is expected to be high. Feeling, this investment and buy lottery almost, but the possibility of winning the lottery is much higher than the.

was on the Internet, I will get the XX X mall to get millions of dollars or even hundreds of millions of investment, which makes a lot of business flourishes feel really is not a dream. Get wind of the electricity supplier is basically expansion. Personnel expansion, marketing expansion, product expansion, everything is expanding. Before taking venture capital, there may be only 30 people, took the wind after six months into a 300. Money spent almost, but the larger the size of the company, but also refinancing.

do scale financing, the electricity supplier has become a mode of operation. At that time, many employees know most of the electricity supplier does not make money, so far not to make money. However, at that time, the atmosphere is actually very unhealthy. There is such a dialogue:

A: does your company make money?

B: we are doing electricity supplier.

A: so does your company make money?

B: we are doing electricity supplier ah!

A: I know, that make money?

B: didn’t you say that?

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