Seven days no reason to return is difficult to implement the 10 appliance business was interviewed

reporter Cheng Hui

"people’s Daily" (04 2014, 07 edition, 11)

in March 15th this year, the implementation of the newly revised consumer protection law gives consumers seven days no reason to return rights. Law has been in force for more than 3 months, many consumers are in the exercise of the right to frustration.

for social issues seven days no reason to return a surge of complaints, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce and Chinese Consumer Association 10 joint interviews with Alibaba (scroll information), Jingdong (27.7, 1.34, 5.08%) mall and other 10 enterprises.

electricity supplier to expand the scope of the "no refund"

according to the new "law", the operators sell commodities on the Internet, television, telephone, mail order, consumers have the right to return within seven days from the date of receipt of goods, and without justification. This is the legal basis for consumers to exercise seven days no reason to return.

at the same time, the new "law" for seven days no reason to return the product to make the exception applicable regulations: consumer made, fresh perishable, online download or unpacking of consumer audio and video products, computer software and other digital products, as well as the delivery of newspapers and periodicals. In addition to these 4 categories of goods, other goods in accordance with the nature of the consumer and confirmed the purchase should not return the goods, do not apply unreasonable return, and the provisions of the consumer goods should be returned intact.

because of the scope of application of society to the new "law" seven days no reason to return the specified and specific performance standards exist different understanding, disputes between consumers and operators to become a hot consumer complaints. According to the electronic business platform is more concentrated in Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Guangzhou five city 12315 Center for accepting the demands of the online shopping analysis, since March 15th, the city received a total of five online shopping consumer demands 27 thousand, involving seven days no reason to return complaints associated with the new "law" accounted for 53.69% of the total complaints, including complaints the top commodities include: mobile phone, digital home appliances and computer and accessories etc..

face seven days no reason to return the provisions of the major online shopping platform has launched a corresponding return policy based on their own business projects.

opened the 1 store shopping platform, the return policy in addition to the 4 categories of goods in the provisions of the new "law", also including the consumption of commodities (such as food, health products, medicines, beverages, wine, milk, baby food supplement), precious commodities (such as diamonds, precious metals, watches, jewelry, etc.) personal care, virtual goods and other five categories of goods does not apply no reason to return seven days.

and Tmall does not support seven days no reason to return more categories, including special hotels, holiday routes, movies, decoration, jewelry, wine, medicine, takeaway and other more than and 30 categories.

in addition to the arbitrary extension of seven days no reason to return to the provisions of the exception,

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