Discussion on the essential conditions for the sustainable operation of Taobao

is now more and more people began to question the ability of Taobao off site of sustainable operation, because more and more pure Taobao guest website has become Taobao guest website profit chrysanthemums after the Double Ninth Festival, the effect is really no way to get power webmaster has to continue, especially the 360 browser on the online shopping assistant plug is on Taobao customer rebate code is empty, let you become a recommendation for others to do awake, it has made a lot of people of Taobao and downhearted! But this is opposite, there are many websites through monthly Taobao recommended can get tens of thousands, one hundred thousand of the profits, such as Youku, for example, some web portals, but although these sites try to Ali mother list regulars, but these websites and the standard Taobao guest website is different, but the biggest difference Taobao is only relying on the customer site to recommend the product, and those portals are more emphasis on content, Taobao is only a way to make a profit!


visible guest website is not likely to be successful, we can follow the portal site, large web site Taobao customers, Taobao will make guest website content, a new Taobao guest website mode recommended by, so to make this type of Taobao customer needs to have the following three core the conditions of


1: whether the environment is stable and the ability to withstand unexpected risks

for Taobao guest website, in order to achieve sustained operation, at least change to be able to resist the environmental impact brought to your site, and you need to do this on the Taobao guest website is a stable user base, and the content of the website is to avoid the risk of changes in the environment, such as the 360 browser the plug-in, more large-scale web site into Taobao, Taobao share customer profit compression individual Taobao off the earnings of space environment has become more severe, if your Taobao guest user base solid, plus an attractive content, then the risk basically will be able to resist these unexpected


two: don’t touch the product promotion, do not have luck

believes it is easier to understand, a lot of people in order to reap huge profits at some operation banner edge ball products, such as some gambling paraphernalia, counterfeit products, side effects of relatively large products and so on, these Taobao guest website once found, or in these countries began to market, so the brunt of these sites to put up the shutters even! Your website to buy space is now abroad, domestic ISP operators can still easily shielded! So don’t have luck, unless you are prepared to fight a guerrilla war, earn a small immediately change another kind of profiteering products! If you want to continue the operation of this kind of luck is not


three: to have long-term adherence to the execution of the operation


off site to achieve sustainable operation truly, then the stick is unavoidable, you are likely to encounter defeat in the operation of the road, there are also such as rivals, let you run Taobao off site difficult, "

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