Electricity supplier rise Southeast Asia Logistics Market outbreak

is limited by the fragmented geographical situation, in any case, you can not imagine the logistics market has been a nightmare of Indonesia will become the logistics companies compete for the land. Just because of the rise of the electricity supplier to the local people to stay at home shopping has brought great convenience, and bad terrain can not stop the coming opportunity.

if you want to send a package in Indonesia, naturally, the first thing you think of is JNE express. The courier company’s service outlets all over the country, just at home can find a.

however, the courier is not fast, sometimes is not reliable, the network updates are not very timely delivery, so the sender cannot real-time tracking of packages from the internet. Even so, JNE is still a leader in the Indonesian logistics market. JNE has 3500 physical stores in Indonesia, 7000 trucks carrying 2000 motorcycles, vans, trucks and cargo delivery and rent in the remote island. From the logistics point of view, the more than 17 thousand islands of Indonesia is really a nightmare of the courier industry.


in this scattered scattered islands, JNE became the indirect beneficiaries. There are three other factors contributing to the success of JNE in Indonesia: the rise of the middle class, the development of digital and the rise of electricity providers. The country’s rapid growth in GDP creates new demand and strong spending power. In addition, 85 million of Indonesia’s population uses the Internet, most of them living in remote areas far away from the major cities. For this part of the people, online shopping is not only convenient, but there is no way.

is these people to promote the rapid development of the electricity supplier industry in indonesia. According to the Reuters news today, JNE E-Commerce orders monthly delivery of about 4 million in average. Because online shopping increased, the average monthly number of delivery orders and usher in significant growth.

development opportunities

in Indonesia all these developments are in a progressive state, because the country’s economic development has remained stable. Has a keen business savvy entrepreneurs have already smell the development potential, glued to the market.

one of them is Peter C Pitts (Peter Kopitz), a German settled in Thailand in mid 2005. In 2012, he became a rocket network (Rocket Internet) in Thailand, a member of the entrepreneurial team, since the beginning of the Southeast Asian entrepreneurial journey. Then, Copic and others co founded Zalora’s branch in Thailand, which is the online fashion store, and served as general manager.

with rich experience and strong business capital, rocket network determined to e-commerce industry in Southeast Asia opened their own road, and set up a number of start-up companies in the region, including:

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