New Year gift with one yuan Konka Zhongle launched a new year special machine

Abstract: 2016 at the beginning of this year, Konka joint Zhongle launched 2016 yuan first copy price ex gratia activities, two special smart TV, all just one yuan a chance to bring home, let you buy the most desirable family gifts with the lowest price


January 2016, a $Zhongle line on the occasion of the new year for the vast number of consumers with Hao Li, yuan Zhongle’s official website has reached a cooperation agreement to jointly build 2016 Konka company, decided the new year’s first hunters promotional activities during the event, two models of Konka X80 series smart TV will be the bottom price benefit of old and new user.

X80 equipped Konka Konka TV series unique color technology, using the 64 bit chip and the engine is equipped with a YIUI easy grapefruit 5 system configuration and system have the super smooth. Among them, 43 inch Full HD smart LCD TV for only 4590 yuan, 50 inch thin ten nuclear retinal 4K Ultra HD smart TV for only 6990 yuan. Not only the price is lower than the same type of other TV brands on the market, and the ratio of line with Konka TV online stores, each purchase channels more affordable, in a $Zhongle more chance one yuan "fan"



yuan Zhongle, refers to the cost of a piece of money, will have the opportunity to buy the goods you want, no matter how high its original price, in a $Zhongle all just one yuan.

in a $Zhongle, with the goods as an example, 43 inch Full HD LCD TV intelligent network according to the prices assigned 4590 numbers, A users spend 1 dollars to raise public participation, to obtain a random assignment of Zhongle number. When the 4590 number is from the program will be completed, according to the established algorithm to calculate the item the lucky Zhongle code, lucky Zhongle code users can obtain 43 inch Full HD LCD TV intelligent network. If the user A get the number of music and the calculation results are consistent, then the user A can bring home the TV!

years as a well-known home appliance brands, Konka has a good brand image, excellent product quality and attentive service, won numerous consumer recognition and praise, its quality and service so that consumers no menace from the rear.

and Yuan Zhongle with fair algorithm, every dollar will have equal chances of winning all the chips in each commodity, it is the introduction of third party data algorithm, constant color lottery results in the calculation, to ensure that the calculation result is reliable and absolute impartiality.

the two sides together for the first time, the launch of 2016 New Year’s first hunters promotional activities, smart TV is bound to set off a new round of consumer frenzy. It is understood that one yuan Zhongle Konka jointly launched the official website of the hunters preferential activities will be carried out in the country, and only one yuan Zhongle during the official online.

now comes at the end of the year, without bitter sorrow without considering the shortage of funds, buy what gift for home, for the family home "

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