Yonghui supermarket and his financial dream open a bank + small loan companies do

news October 19th, the day before, Yonghui supermarket third board released the Twelfth Meeting of the announcement, announced the establishment of Yonghui microfinance ltd..

billion state power network to understand, Yonghui microfinance Limited registered in Chongqing Jiangbei District, the registered capital of 300 million yuan, shareholders of Limited by Share Ltd Yonghui supermarket. The main business includes loans, bills discounting, transfer of assets and other business approved by the city finance office, which in particular shows that the loan and bills discounted business will be carried out online.

for the establishment of Yonghui microfinance Ltd., Yonghui supermarket said that the small loan company is service Yu Yonghui supermarket eco system of financing of small and medium-sized enterprises and consumers and employees of financial institutions credit consumption.

will use the "Yonghui small loan for more than ten years in the development process of the accumulation of retail experience, through the Internet platform, data and technical advantages, to improve financing efficiency and reduce the cost of financing of small and medium-sized enterprises, to promote the sustained and healthy development, meet the staff and consumer credit consumer demand, become the effective supplement mainstream financial institutions." Yonghui relevant responsible person said.

can’t stop

financial layout Yonghui

in fact, the establishment of the financial sector Yonghui small loan company is not the first time in Yonghui, billion state power network to understand, from the beginning of last year, Yonghui supermarket began their financial layout.

last May, Yonghui supermarket announced the establishment of Shanghai cloud Chuangping Cci Capital Ltd. It is understood that the investment management company registered capital of 100 million yuan, of which, Yonghui supermarket invested 76 million yuan, accounting for 76% of the proportion of shares. For Shanghai Chuangping cloud investment company business, Yonghui supermarket mentioned in the announcement is mainly related to industrial investment and related industry. After the move, has been engaged in the retail business of the formal Yonghui have their own investment company, to enter the field of industrial investment.

6 at the end of last year, Yonghui supermarket announced again, and Western Chongqing logistics park, the establishment of the company through the payment card on the Silk Road in Chongqing joint venture company limited. It is understood that the Silk Road pass payment Company Limited registered capital of 100 million yuan, which accounted for 51% of the shares Yonghui supermarket. For the layout of Yonghui supermarket, CITIC Securities analysts said that the establishment of the Silk Road through the payment, can pay, Yonghui store electricity supplier payment, data accumulation and financial management to provide third party payment service.

this year the evening of September 20th, Yonghui supermarket announced that with the Sunshine Holdings Limited, Fujian Yong Rong Holding Group Limited company as the main sponsor, the bank initiated the establishment of Fujian Huatong Limited by Share Ltd. It is understood that the Fujian Huatong bank registered capital of 3 billion yuan, of which Yonghui supermarket invested 660 million yuan, accounting for 22% of the shares, as the largest shareholder.

as of now, as Yonghui supermarket has been in the investment, the third party payment, private banks and Microfinance are frequently layout, especially a small loan and Bank of China Yonghui, a >

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