Domain name registration market self-regulation into mainstream

convention to achieve substantive results of violations of complaints within two months straight down

"domain name registration is one of the most important services of the Internet industry, previously due to some not qualified service enterprises some irregularities, encountered various problems led to the domain name registered users," Chinese nets CEO Zhang Xiangdong said in an interview, "because there are a large number of agents in the market, and even some not out any industry qualification of the company. Therefore, it is easy to regulate the industry, but really can be said to be difficult to implement."

"in the industry, or industry enterprises have their own immune function in order to fundamentally solve the problem," the general manager of Beijing Xinnet Digital Information Technology Co., Hou Tao talked about planning "Internet address registration service industry self-discipline" not without emotion to say, "we like the new network company. Already in the domain name registration service in this industry for a long time, well aware of the importance of business integrity, because it is the fundamental survival. Therefore, we call on all sincerity, sincere service, to create a green and harmonious environment of the domain name industry. So, when CNNIC began to communicate with us in July, we set up an internal self-discipline mechanism to solve the problem of violation, we immediately realized that this is what we have always wanted to ‘immune function’."

through the efforts of all parties in the industry, since July this year, since the signing of the self regulatory conventions, there are more than and 250 companies signed a convention, to join the industry self-regulation. Contracted units not only across the country more than and 30 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions, and covers more than 98% registered users. Completed the industry self-regulation function coverage.

illegal means "no place to hide

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by leading enterprises to take the lead to establish self-discipline industry service standards and other measures, supervise the implementation mechanism of CNNIC convention regularly big company to the volume of complaints bulletin, also let users interests against those trick slowly surfaced.

published in the supervision of telephone hotlines and mailboxes, CNNIC began receiving user complaints in early August. The complaints were mostly do not have any qualification of the company, "CNNIC legal director Sun Hanhui told reporters. The complaint is the main problem of fraudulent use of the name of others, to renew the mail sending threatening sales fraud to the user.

at the beginning of August, after the signing of the Convention of self-discipline only half a month, CNNIC has been informed of the users were more Suzhou Hua Yan, Shanghai Jin Yue two illegal agents, and related materials will be transferred to the relevant departments. "CNNIC informed indeed caused no small vibration in agent, illegal companies list no market, debunked hoax but also how to lie ah," the new network general manager Hou Tao told reporters with a smile.

then at the end of September and early October, CN – NIC and informed the two batches of repeated complaints by users of the enterprise. It is understood that since the end of July to sign the Convention on discipline, C>

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