A brief analysis of the social network marketing

just finished the outbreak of the Internet marketing revolution, the book is still very good feeling, with a lot of examples to prove the necessity of network marketing. The thought of this book is to develop a combination of network importance after the situation about network marketing revolution.

network marketing revolution is the most wildly beating gongs and drums, the enterprises have begun to implement their own network revolution. Network is an essential marketing channel for the survival and development of enterprises. This book focuses on the foreign network marketing is in the blog, micro blog, forum and video website, I personally think that the domestic network marketing warfare mainly concentrated in the forum, followed by the video website, blog and micro blog is again. This is based on my current line of water to judge, of course, different people have different views on the development of things and views.

China’s network marketing is still in a stage of development, there is no sound system, scattered in all corners of the network. These are enough to prove the importance of network marketing to the development of the enterprise and the team and individual. However, a variety of deep development of network marketing, we can not be well used. Now most of the companies are still using the dead ads on the network, and this is the same as the reality of the nature of the media advertising, users can not make a good understanding of the product. The reason why the network marketing war can be implemented and reused, the main thing is to give the network a certain amount of free communication space, you can really feel and understand the needs of users and users of product feedback. This is the traditional media can not go beyond the place. Traditional media advertising can only allow the audience to listen, can not effectively understand the true feelings of the user.

network marketing is the essence of communication, the real exchange – this is the key. China’s Internet users continue to rise in the base, customers have begun to rely on the network to truly understand the product. This is difficult for enterprises, but also a leap in texture. The difficulty lies in the correct and appropriate for the customer to explain, "face to face" for your product to do the appropriate explanation. These are the needs of enterprises, organizations and individuals at this stage must master, this is the beginning of the war and, this is the key to all the.

for us as a network marketing staff, but also from the book to find examples of the key to help us break through the enterprise. We need to be realistic enough to analyze the behavior of the Internet users, as well as the needs of the heart, which is a network marketing staff must have the key.

from the book we can learn a lot of practical cases, can help us understand the network marketing, learning network marketing. Network competition has begun, more intense in the back, the network is a local benefit by mutual discussion of new marketing methods, will have to see if we can emerge in an endless stream, to better use of social network marketing.

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