F2C+ store diamond jewelry e-commerce new standard

diamond jewelry e-commerce in 03 years ago is still in an embryonic stage, in the next two years after the rapid expansion of the period, after 07 years of diamond jewelry e-commerce has entered a stage of intense competition. Diamond bird, Kelan diamond drilling, nine e-commerce brands of rapid development, has dominance in the B2C diamond jewelry, diamond jewelry and other manufacturers have been difficult to surpass in B2C, however, Ou Baoli and other luxury jewelry by "F2C" mode, from the many jewelry e-commerce talent shows itself in the brand. F2C, also overnight fame.

"F2C" Factory to Customer English acronym, meaning is from the factory to the consumer, refers to the manufacturer can directly produce their own products without middlemen, sold directly to consumers. In the motorcycle industry, Xinyuan company once with this new modern commercial mode of e-commerce sales, followed by mobile phone, Jushi industry application. Recent luxury industry has also carried out this business model.

F2C dual identity so that product prices fell 50%

The new mode of jewelry e-commerce

"F2C" is the optimization and upgrading of the mainstream jewelry e-commerce model "B2C", no longer go from the jewelry factory wholesale orders of the old, the biggest advantage is to shorten the product supply chain to the source of the plant, there is no intermediate distributors, consumers purchase directly from manufacturers, manufacturers can save more the cost of profit, so the price is lower.

first, reducing agents, distributors, retailers and a series of intermediate links, no high rent, so that the factory’s diamond consumer; second, the dual identity of direct selling enterprises with retailers and diamond processing plant, save the processing factory to retailers to collect the processing fee link, can be part of the profit to the customer; furthermore, processing factory can also provide processing services for other retail brands, often low-priced bulk procurement of raw materials etc.. This model greatly reduces the cost of operation and promotion, and ultimately can greatly reduce the price of the product, only about 50% of the traditional channel sales."

although online shopping has become a lot of people’s habits. But the most worrying is the credibility of the problem. If the merchandise is a dress or a pair of shoes, many people would not hesitate to click his mouse, but when commodity prices for hundreds of thousands of thousands of diamonds, how many people will be firmly shot ". How many people did not dare to dare to see to buy


retail showroom "seeing is believing"

although the online purchase of goods will be lower than the market price, but after all, diamonds are expensive items, quality assurance has naturally become the most concern. At present, the largest diamond e-commerce platform in Shenzhen and Shanghai, the general delivery of the country will be used by courier, but more than half of the transactions or city transactions. Some foreign customers will ask the seller to send the diamond directly to the local certification bodies." Taobao, a relevant person said.

at present, Shenzhen Opel >

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