nterpretation of Jingdong NO.1 four reasons for China’s B2C company

today happened to see a message, Credit Suisse China internet report, the latest developments and trends in recent China Internet reviews. Which referred to the Jingdong mall is China’s largest B2C company, no one. I think the development of Jingdong for two years are not very easy, has experienced the failure of financing, capital chain tension, low profit margins and executives, to reason and value in China and Taobao, Suning, Dangdang is the melee. And these are derived from Jingdong investors and operators keen and wisdom.

user group mining accurate

since 2004, its registered users increased by 25 million, the average annual income in the growth of 200%. In 2009, it earned about $421 million, compared with 3 billion 300 million yuan in 2011. In an interview with the financial times, Jingdong said revenue will double this year, and will grow by more than ten times by 2015. Behind a series of dazzling data is the perfect embodiment of good strategy for Jingdong, Beijing East to position themselves from first to last digital home appliance leader. As everyone knows, is a digital Jingdong started, until today, digital sales still accounted for 63 of the overall marketing%, if the Jingdong will hold the why not put, that is because now online shopping group of 25-35 years old in the crowd, but the main force is clearly more concerned about technology products, so we can see that in Jingdong looks like the blind burn at the same time, increasing the investment of this appliance, get a huge return, sales of 120 million in 2010, 250 million in 2011, so from this point, the user level mining Jingdong is quite good.

first market, post profitable marketing strategy

many people are questioning the Jingdong burn behavior and follow the same route as the Jingdong where the current situation is very embarrassed, but in the 12 Jingdong gross margin at the same time no slowdown in investment, but continue to build China logistics system, because the Jingdong is very clear, only have a certain sales, the company will have a pricing, like now, like the Amazon, only the market share reached 30% or so, we can have the product pricing, the company gross margin will be higher than it is now ten a few percentage points, especially in the fierce competition in the Chinese business, do not point the bargains, how can retain the stability of users. It is reported that Jingdong mall existing fixed users 6 million, the cumulative number of orders of 10 million, compared with other B2C companies on the amount of tens of millions of users, the number of proved that the mall’s viscosity is very strong Jingdong.

self built logistics system

this is Liu Qiangdong’s forte, as early as in 2010, the Jingdong began to build their own logistics system, everywhere to buy land to build barns in many electricity providers view this is a crazy behavior, because of a business regardless of grab business and others, it will be heavily on logistics, there is not >

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