News that Amazon will launch a convenience store to strengthen the non-staple food business street


technology news Beijing time on October 11th evening news, "the Wall Street journal" today quoted a number of informed sources said that Amazon will launch a real convenience store, to further expand the business of non-staple food.


informed sources said that Amazon plans to set up some small entity stores, used to sell milk, meat and other consumers can directly take home perishable products.

in addition, consumers can also order peanut butter, cereal or other longer shelf life videos by phone, or a touch screen next to the convenience store, which is served by Amazon on the same day.

for consumers who want to quickly check, Amazon will also set points in the specified place. In this way, Amazon will be the consumer online ordering food directly to the user’s car. Amazon is currently developing a license plate reading technology, thereby reducing the waiting time for consumers.

informed sources said that the Amazon grocery business internal code name is "Project Como", will initially be limited to Amazon Fresh subscribers. Fresh is a service Amazon launched in 2007, mainly for fresh vegetables.

Amazon’s new service is designed to attract consumers who prefer to buy food on their way home, or bring food home on the way to work. Obviously, this will compete with WAL-MART and other non-staple food outlets and retail stores.

currently, non-staple food accounted for about 1/5 of the American consumer spending, but online retail sales of non-staple food accounted for only about 2% of the overall U.S. retail sales of non-staple food. Morgan Stanley is expected this year, online non-staple food market will be doubled to $42 billion. (Li Ming)

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