Fresh electricity supplier looks pretty want to succeed is not simple

The concept of

fresh electricity supplier is not only now coming out, in fact in the early development of the electricity supplier, fresh electricity supplier has many enterprises in a low-key attempt, but limited to fresh and inherent defects, so many Internet companies are small after the rapid withdrawal of the vertical industry segments, now it seems fresh electricity supplier and our people more close, some large business giants such as Taobao, Jingdong and foreign Amazon opened fresh channels, but the specific operation is how to


fresh bad, transport tired dead

fresh thanks to re start the rapid development of O2O mode of online orders, the line delivery, this form to solve the people to travel longer distances to vegetable market distress, greatly enhance the quality of life of consumers, therefore, from the trend of development is the existence of huge business opportunities, but a fresh electricity supplier the owner has the happy worry that with the increase in sales, logistics businesses need to allocate more human capital, light transport to the merchant to the tired, a business electricity supplier in Beijing, Mr. Wang told reporters.

according to the reporter, the shop daily sales of fresh lettuce, seafood and other sales of more than a few million, but the logistics cost will be more than a few thousand dollars, once the sales do not increase, the cost of fresh frozen storage dishes will also become a great problem, and these fresh frozen dishes should not be too long, otherwise there will be the problem of poor taste, it will bring bad reputation to the shop, so fresh it looks beautiful, but it is not so.

fresh electricity supplier involved in food safety, regulatory loopholes prone

fresh electricity supplier has a highly attractive for many 80, 90 consumers indeed, but because China’s fragile food security system, from the line moved online, regulation becomes more difficult, food safety will also lose control of the resulting, impossible because fresh electricity supplier warehouse platform, can not be more concentrated the management of fresh goods, instead of using the method of decentralized cooperation, cooperation and local supermarket, community supermarket, as a business platform is difficult to control these partners will transfer to consumers with poor quality food, and when consumers are not satisfied with the quality of food, the first casualty is the natural fresh business platform.

if the fresh electricity centralized management of goods, at the same time, the lean cost management mode, needless to say, these goods can be sold in a timely manner is a very big challenge, warehousing costs, management costs will rise, and the special properties of fresh goods, have decided the goods storage time can not be too this long, and sales of clothing is completely different, so playing fresh, it must have a huge heart, otherwise it is difficult to bear the enormous psychological pressure caused by long-term backlog of goods.

fresh electricity supplier breakthrough is joint operations


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