Cross border electricity supplier customs policy to suspend the implementation of a year


technology news May 25th afternoon, the General Administration of Customs yesterday issued on the implementation of cross-border e-commerce retail imports of new regulatory requirements notice, the notice said, during the transition period, continue to be supervised according to the new tax policy before the implementation of the regulatory requirements in the pilot city".



According to the notification

Sina Technology to get the display will be clear in Shanghai, Hangzhou, Ningbo and other ten pilot city to suspend the implementation of the new deal on the line into the area to provide customs clearance requirements, the relevant provisions of tax adjustment and positive list unchanged.

for "cross-border e-commerce retail" remarks on the list of goods imported cosmetics, infant formula milk powder, medical equipment, special food (including health food, formula foods for special medical purposes etc.) for the first time the import license, registration or filing requirements, not the implementation of. According to the notice, this measure is valid until May 11, 2017.

a month ago, the Ministry of finance, the General Administration of customs and the State Administration of Taxation jointly issued "on the cross-border e-commerce retail import tax policy notice", so far, cross-border retail electricity supplier of imported goods no longer according to "goods" parcel tax levied, but according to the "goods" tariffs, value-added tax, consumption tax, post the tax rate is adjusted. At the same time, the Ministry of Finance raised "cross-border e-commerce retail import commodity list on the official website" (positive list). The number of positive list includes 1142 8 tariff lines, covering part of the food and beverage, garments, household appliances, cosmetics, toys, diapers, mug and other goods, but including liquid milk, fresh, health care products such as selling a variety of products are not included.

, however, since the implementation of the new deal for more than a month, there have been cross-border business enterprise reflect, significantly increase the tax rate, orders fell sharply at the same time, a large number of imports to bonded mode of cross-border business enterprise, facing the embarrassing situation of stock market. Some media reports said that under the new deal shock, within a week, Zhengzhou, Shenzhen, Ningbo and other cross-border electricity supplier comprehensive test area imports were down 70%, respectively, compared with the new deal, 61%, 62%. (Xue Die)

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