Cross border electricity supplier, development potential and future trends

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Chinese electronic commerce research center monitoring data show that in 2014 China’s imports of cross-border electricity trade size as 4 trillion and 200 billion, an increase of 33.3%, the pattern of Global trade report released by the Ministry of Commerce predicted that in 2016 China’s cross-border electricity import and export volume will grow to 6 trillion and 500 billion yuan, the annual growth rate will exceed 30%. In recent years, China’s rapid development of cross-border electricity supplier, has formed a certain scale of the transaction.

domestic cross-border electricity supplier market potential huge

the current cross-border electricity supplier China has showed vigorous development trend, on the one hand, China continues to open up, the cross-border electricity supplier policy optimization, provide a better environment for the growth of cross-border business growth, in June this year the State Council issued the "guidance" on promoting the rapid development of cross-border e-commerce health pointed out that the general support of domestic enterprises the use of e-commerce to develop foreign trade, and focus, encourage powerful enterprises bigger and stronger; on the other hand, to upgrade the overall level of domestic consumption, consumers are pursuing a certain quality of life; third, cross-border online shopping bonded import by parcel reduced tax rates, making imports to reduce costs, thereby reducing costs for consumers and indirectly increase the disposable income of consumers, consumers have sought.

according to ComScore and Euromonitor estimates, the global cross-border e-commerce market size of $44 billion, accounting for 14% of the total size of the electricity supplier that year. China is one of the most active cross-border electricity supplier countries, cross-border electricity nearly tens of billions of dollars in market size, and whether it is growth, the market potential of the global electricity supplier or the influence of these aspects, such as the single market compared to European countries, China is more surprise and promising countries.

For example, Dunhuang

network, as the leading global online trading platform for foreign trade, the integration of trade, payment and logistics network system of foreign trade export, formed a sales supply chain a smooth and easy, and payment, logistics, return and other aspects have corresponding solutions, through the online collection of more than and 30 national payment instruments to reduce the cost and guarantee payment, payment security; it can be seen that China has been leading in the foreign trade area, and have certain advantages. The longitudinal Sok Wang said, "the government of the cross-border electricity supplier in this industry to maintain support and support attitude, if domestic enterprises in the future business ability, personnel training, supporting services to get more support, cross-border business is expected to achieve faster transformation, but also can reduce the enterprise imitation goods opportunities, more practical to provide consumers with services."

now has business globalization, cross-border electricity providers in recent years has become a global business with a new explosion point, and "cross-border" is not only the BAT and other Internet giants "in" patent, with the effect of policy and consumer demand, the cross-border electricity supplier gradually by the government agencies and small and medium-sized enterprises realize and at the same time to act, "cross-border" is one of the 2015 annual "hot words", from time to time to spread the entrepreneurs of cross-border electricity supplier of small.

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