Dangdang Amazon booksellers with strong Jingdong battles behind the looming crisis


Central Compilation press is one of the publishers under the shelf. But today, the books are still online sales, has been part of dangdang.com hit "13 anniversary month" label. Press said, for the latest changes and do not know.


since May 2nd this year, Dangdang shares fell from $8.7 to $4.1 yesterday closed at

Sina Technology Shen Yunfang

The intercept before

, after the pursuers, dangdang.com.

is one of the strengths of the traditional strengths of the book is to catch up with Amazon’s catch-up and Jingdong mall chase, one side is the capital market to see the decline, the stock price fell 50% over the past six months approaching $4 mark. Under the double crisis of market competition and capital, Dangdang struggled to fight back – and it seemed a little too hard.

and Amazon booksellers battles Jingdong

today, dangdang.com to "off the shelf" blackmail the booksellers to participate in big promotion news was exposed. According to the "Beijing News" reported, dangdang.com issued a notice to book business, require the supplier to participate in the November 9th (5 days) before and after the anniversary big promotion, in response to a website to provoke less than the cost of promotional price war". If you do not participate in the promotion or sharing costs, merchant goods will be part or all of the shelves.

Central Compilation press to Sina Technology confirmed the above facts. The staff of the publishing house, said they received a notice of the publishing house and Dangdang promotional cooperation did not talk about good, all the books to be published by the publisher. Sina Technology found in dangdang.com, Central Compilation press book today is still online sales, has been part of dangdang.com hit "13 anniversary month" label. Press said, for the latest changes and do not know.

dangdang.com today responded that dangdang.com 13 anniversary is 22 from the beginning of this month, continued until the end of November. The promotion is not mandatory to participate in the press, the two sides have agreed on the premise of full communication".

however, check the calendar of dangdang.com anniversary activities can be found. Dangdang shop day is on November 9th every year, dangdang.com anniversary activities were started in previous years around November 9th. Dangdang.com’s explanation is that this year the company ahead of time to lengthen the promotion period of anniversary.

as a typical standardized category, the book has almost become a platform for the promotion of all electronic business options. Judging from the current information, Dangdang refers to the competition is likely to be Amazon or Jingdong mall. Amazon is Chinese Book audience full of 200 yuan 50 promotions, and Jingdong rolled out the mall put up a pageantry "Desert Storm" promotion continues, book 18 days from the date of the full 300 by 100. Tmall has no obvious action in the book.

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