The Jingdong store return terms shall be invalid, or will be revised


Jingdong store return terms shall be invalid, or will be revised.

TechWeb editor: if there is no accident, the Jingdong recently revised part of online shopping mall will return terms. Because, the second city court recently a final judgment on the site of a special provisions made a format terms, the content is invalid conclusion.

last July, there are units through the Jingdong mall ordered a 165 yuan fan. After receiving the electric fan found defective. When the distance ordering period of about 20 days, the unit put forward your application to the "Jingdong store", but was rejected. The reason for the site’s refusal is: when ordering electric fans, invoice details, the contents of the record is office supplies, rather than the brand of this fan, model.

at the same time, provided the homepage below "customer service service" in the column: "we recommend that you will invoice for the goods, otherwise you will not be able to enjoy the normal warranty Product manufacturers or the Jingdong store."". In other words, since the purchase of electric fans do not truthfully write the details of the goods, the site operators have the right not to provide a normal warranty service.

court held that, although both sides did not truthfully invoiced according to the provisions, but the sales contract is still valid. Since the fan belongs to "Three Guarantees", "Jingdong mall" has the obligation to repair, replacement or return.

As of

20 points last night, "Jingdong mall" on the website of the invalid format terms, is still not removed.

The details of the "Jingdong

mall" return terms shall be invalid "

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