Jingdong WeChat shopping circle test to test the volume of mobile social

April 23rd, the new features of Jingdong WeChat shopping circle in Shenzhen full coverage. Shenzhen WeChat users open the "discovery – shopping" interface, can be in "shopping" home bar at the end of the middle position found shopping circle icon, click the first to experience the WeChat social relationships chain shopping experience sharing and interactive fun based on. Shopping circle is a new mobile Jingdong to do shopping to test the water.

(Jingdong WeChat shopping home shopping circle position)

"let me see. What did you buy?"

According to

China Electronic Commerce Research Center (100EC.CN), the "shopping circle" by "two plate trends" and "Sun Plaza", relevant content from users in the evaluation, the Jingdong to do order after the completion of the sun single content sharing.

friends dynamic is the most distinctive feature of the shopping circle. Here, the user can not only see their own WeChat friends shopping alone, as well as the evaluation of the purchase of information sharing, etc., can also be shared with friends to point praise, comments, view the details of the goods, or even follow the purchase. Interactive sharing at the same time, shopping circle also fully consider the protection of user privacy shopping, users can independently decide whether the sun alone, evaluation and other information is displayed in the shopping circle. At the same time, users share information in the shopping circle is only visible to WeChat friends, rest assured to build their own shopping circle.

"Sun single square", by the Jingdong from a large number of small contributors sun selected high quality content of single works, and presents the Master for net shopping fun new trend nowadays the real evaluation, to provide reference for more users shopping decision. Sun single square, the information is not a real name, the user can also participate in the evaluation of the browser and praise points.

("shopping circle" friends dynamic plate)

(shopping circle sun single square plate)

"value is not worth buying, I believe friends!"

relative to the traditional social shopping guide application by small or Master provide information and user interaction, shopping circle of friends dynamic "because from WeChat real friends share, with higher reliability and reference value to the users shopping decision. At the same time, shopping can also meet the needs of users to share the circle of the shopping experience, whether it is a commodity, enjoyable experience, or disappointed spit bad, can share the interaction with friends, add more fun and social shopping based on topic.

shopping circle product development person in charge, the real sun single + friends chain, is currently the largest shopping mall Jingdong value and characteristics. Launch shopping circle function, make WeChat friends can be based on shopping behavior, share some praise and evaluation, give new social fun mobile shopping.

shopping circle where the Jingdong is a Jingdong of WeChat shopping shopping entrance is located in WeChat, by the Jingdong of micro Xinshou Q division is responsible for the operation. Jingdong, Tencent

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